We Remember

We Remember


Today, we remember …

the 2,977 people who lost their lives

their families who still mourn

the brave men and women who rushed into burning buildings

the countless volunteers who sifted through rubble

the innumerable people who still bear the scars of that horrible day

But today we also celebrate …

a nation who comes together in times of tragedy

those who still today race into burning buildings, respond to 911 calls, and put their lives in harm’s way

the men and women who serve our nation here and around the world to defend freedom

So today, may we …

whisper prayers of gratitude and protection

speak words of compassion and encouragement

live lives of service and integrity

To those who serve and protect, who defend and respond, today—and every day—we utter words woefully inadequate to express the profoundness of our appreciation …

Thank you.



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