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Lazy, crazy, or cheating?

I have no idea but last year there were so many incredible 31 Days series and I feel like I missed so many of them.  At Relevant (now Allume Social), I joked with Nester that I ought to do “31 Days of 31 Day Series You Missed While You Were Busy Writing Your Own 31 Days” series.   We laughed about it but somewhere in the back of my mind, the idea stuck.

Then I got busy writing a book, co-authoring a book, and writing another book.  A 31 Days series of any kind seemed off the table.

Until I started looking at all the great series concepts others were sharing.  Too much amazing stuff out there for me NOT to do all I can to share it with others.

And so, I’ll be spending October sharing #MustRead 31 Days series … on all sorts of topics.  I haven’t picked all 31 yet … in fact, I only have 3.  I’ll be scouring the linky and watching Twitter hashtags looking for series that will (hopefully) both appeal to and encourage the readers around —yeah, that would be you!  I’ll still be posting my normal stuff because, after all, I write for you.  But every afternoon, I’ll share a series I’ve found interesting, encouraging, challenging, or educational.

Please join me!  In fact, now would be a great time to subscribe if you haven’t.  {email or reader}

Happy 31 Days!

 Here are the featured series:

  1. Amy in Wanderland’s 31 Days of Young Adult Books You’ll Love Too
  2. The Local Honey’s 31 Days of Being Present
  3. Cyndi Spivey’s 31 Days of Fashion & Beauty for Women over 40
  4. The Reluctant Sojourner’s 31 Days of Sojourn: a temporary stay
  5. Aunt Jo’s 31 Days of Finishing Projects
  6. Amy Thue’s 31 Days of Anticipating Advent
  7. Empty Nest, Full Heart’s 31 Days of Favorite Things
  8. Home with the Boys’ 31 Days of Building Family Ties
  9. Growing with Grabbie’s Letters to my Daughter
  10. Little Progress Notes’ Gilded: A 31 Day Novella
  11. The Dressmaker’s Muse 31 Days of Sewing Tips
  12. A Slob Comes Clean’s 31 Days of Lame Excuses
  13. Housewife in Town’s 31 Days to Healthy School Lunches
  14. Idle Chatter’s 31 Days of the Small Screen
  15. Allure Interior’s 31 Days of Spray Paint
  16. Erin Ulrich’s 31 Days of Self-Publishing
  17. 31 Days of Autism Awareness by My Days with Autism
  18. 30 Days of Stories by Next Step Editing
  19. 31 Days away from Comparison Island by Daily Bread & Butter
  20. 31 Days of Great Nonfiction Reads from The Deliberate Reader
  21. 31 Days of Drawing Close to God by Waltzing with Potatoes
  22. 31 Days on Being an Instant Mother of Four by Fostering Love at Home
  23. 31 Days of Chocolate!!! with Joyfully Thriving
  24. 31 Days of Life in a Small Town by Life with Eden (and I got to meet this sweet writer at Allume!!)
  25. 31 Days to Stress-Free Holidays by Gracious Southerner
  26. 31 Days of Slow Cooker Deliciousness from Elephant Grace
  27. 31 Days of Encouraging Words for Writers from Bonita Lillie
  28. 31 Days of Fall Favorites from Nesting & Nibbling
  29. 31 Letters to my Mother by Leanne Penny (grab a tissue … you’ve been warned!)
  30. 31 Days of Submission by Sarah Ann Rogers
  31. 31 Days of College Football at A Simple String of Pearls

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