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I’m a reader … and typically a nonfiction reader.  (Though with the free books available for my Kindle Paperwhite, I do find myself reading a lot more fiction lately.  I’ve got a list of clean fiction recommendations you might want to check out.}  Anywho … bac k to the whole nonfiction reader thing.  I am loving this series from The Deliberate Reader (which is, by the way, a FAB site for all you reading people).

I had her Day 7 recommendation on my wish list already but Sheila {like Amy!} has definitely increased the quantity of books I want to read.  I think that’s a great problem to have, don’t you?

Where do you get book recommendations?

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  1. I’m lucky enough to know Sheila in real life (and we are in a book club together!) and too am loving her book suggestions! Also, my long time fav book resource is Glayds Hunts Honey For A Woman’s Heart! Solid suggestions right there for sure!

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