10 Great Gifts for the Men on Your List

Guys can be really hard to buy for, you know?  Especially if your guy isn’t a golfer, hunter, fisher, or ridiculous sports fanatic.  And it’s all harder if you have a guy like mine who usually just saves up for whatever he wants and buys it for himself … or adds items to his list that you feel incredibly ill-equipped to purchase.  So, with the help of said guy, we’ve come up with a list for all you, like me, who wonder what on earth to give the guys on your list.

Need gift ideas for the men on your Christmas list Here are ten great classic gifts they are sure to love!

  1. Shaving Kit — Lots of price options here!  From high end, The Art of Shaving: 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Full Size Kit, to a true starter set, Shaving Gift Set with Double Edge Safety Razor, Hand Made Shaving Brush, Arko Shaving Soap Stick & 10 Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades, this is an awesome, classy gift.
  2. Journal — Again, a wide range of prices on this one.  There is the the classic and ever-popular Moleskine or a simple hardback journal.
  3. Fun Page-a-Day Calendar — I started giving this as a stocking stuffer several years ago when I found a page-a-day calendar with quotes from Mr. Rogers.  Scott loved it and thus the annual hunt for a great calendar began.  The options here are limitless … from Dilbert to Charlie Brown & the Peanuts or for the more serious-minded you have choices like Jeopardy! Trivia or MENSA 10 Minute Crossword Puzzles.  This is one gift where you can certainly find something to match your husband’s personality!
  4. Classic Book — The definition of classic certainly depends on your guy’s personality!  I’d say anything from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader to The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man could count. If you opt for the latter, you might also want to check out The Art of Manliness Collection
  5. Pocketknife — Unless your guy is a collector, you’re probably safe with the Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife.
  6. Leather Bag — You can’t go wrong with leather!  Consider these investment pieces.  Go ahead and splurge on a vintage leather overnight bag for him. {This is a great way to make up for all the times he’s carried your favorite Vera Bradley pattern into a hotel!} Or maybe a nice laptop/messenger bag? I love this distressed one!
  7. Watch Box or Accessory Tray — I love this leather storage box that holds six watches. Maybe your guy doesn’t have a watch collection like mine does; but, I bet he does have an assortment of keys, wallet, coins, watch, and maybe his wedding ring on top of the dresser every evening. How about a set of valet traysto round everything up? Or maybe even a nice charging station/valet combination?
  8. Vinyl Records — and the Record Player to play them.  (Of if he’s not so into retro or you don’t have room for the stereo, you could always go for an iPod with a cool case.)
  9. Kindle — Of course, I had to add this!  My husband  (a) is not a big reader and (b) has an iPad,  but he loves the Kindle we got him for his birthday.  The Paperwhite is awesome!
  10. Photo of His Bride — Honest, your guy wants a great picture of you!  Not you and the kids, not the family … YOU!  It doesn’t have to be a glamour shot but it’s worth asking a friend to take some photos of you with your hair done and makeup on.  Buy a nice frame and be assured it will be his favorite thing on his desk!

For full disclosure, I have compiled this list after several years of gifting failures.  Trust me,  your guy does not want a telephone/TV remote combo!  {You know it’s a bad gift when you cannot even find it on Amazon!} And my other little secret, he emails me ideas all year long and I keep them in a file labeled “Husband’s Christmas” on my computer.  That way I have ideas about what he’d like … and, at the very least, a starting point for gifting occasions from Christmas to birthday to Father’s Day.  I highly recommend this method!!

So, tell me, what are the best and worst gifts you’ve ever given your guy?

 {Seriously, tell … it really can’t be worse than the telephone/remote thing!!}

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  1. I get tired of all the “stuff” around the house. Piles of books that go unread, tools that come out for one use and don’t get taken back to the shed, candy that sits around so long it’s no longer any good (okay so that one doesn’t really happen). So this year his Christmas gift is something to do. Better yet, it’s something to do together. I’ve been watching Groupons since the summer for fun things to do on dates. I needed something more than dinner and a redbox movie. I wanted to have fun again with my husband.

    So what did I get him? Well, come January you will find us at a rock climbing class at an indoor gym about an hour away. Then we get to spend the rest of the day climbing til we can’t climb no more.


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