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Tradition: something handed down.

Every community has its own traditions. Our small town has one I’d never heard of before moving here.  It looks like this:

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To someone visiting town, this might look like senior vandalism run amuck.  But for those who live in Russellville, these names painted on the street by the graduating seniors is a special tradition. No one can say for certain exactly when this street painting began, but it’s been at least 30 years.

It’s one of those “Russellville things.”  I think it’s pretty cool myself.  While the tradition isn’t school-sanctioned since it is illegal to paint a public road, local law enforcement has been lenient about this long-standing senior practice.  But sadly this year is the last year for the painting to happen on Summit Street.

The chief of police {an RHS graduate himself} has said the city can no longer let the activity go unchecked due to increasing complaints. So the class of 2013 will be the last one to leave their mark on Summit Street.

This is one tradition that has met its end.

What is a fun tradition from your hometown?

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  1. At my high school, we painted the road, too! I was the last class to paint before they repaved it and no longer “allowed” it.

    I haven’t lived in a small town since I left for college. I sometimes wish I did, but mostly I love where I am in the ‘burbs.

    • Love it! There is just something special about a small town, isn’t there? We lived in a much larger city for almost 11 years before moving back to a small town. It’s been a bit of an adjustment at times but all in all, I’m so thankful my daughter will experience middle & high school in a small town.

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