Girl Mom? Join the Club! {Mothers of Daughters, July Edition}

It’s the second Tuesday of the month and that can only mean one thing … Mothers of Daughters e-zine is live today!  This month’s content is all summer-related and I’m sure you’ll find all sorts of great information, ideas, and encouragement.

My contribution is about spending time with your girl, especially as she gets older.  The days of tea parties at our house have long passed and after a June filled with cheerleading camp, youth camp, and beach vacation, well, let’s just say funds for a girls night out are not what they could be.  {Can I get a witness??}

So I came up a few ideas!  mothers of daughters july

And since I really missed the days when my girl looked like this:

girl mom ||

playing dress up, age 9

I even figured out a way to add a more grown-up version of dress up to the list!  Because I am awesome like that.  {grin}

So, off you go … to the Mothers of Daughters site to browse around for all the goodies there.  Don’t forget to check out my list!

And because I’m wildly curious, at what age did your kids stop playing dress up?

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