What Monday Really Needs

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Dear Monday, I really need another day to prepare for you.  Could you come back tomorrow and let’s try this again?

Mmkay?  Thanks!



Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could really do that?  Just add in 24 hours between Sunday and Monday?  Because, seriously, I really need a day to recover from the chaos of Sunday before the totally different but just as chaotic day we call Monday. Don’t you? 

I’m sitting here in my office/study right now.  I’ve had my quiet time this morning … some {affiliate link} challenging words from Oswald Chambers and important reminders from Ephesians.  I’ve had three cups of coffee.  I’ve done a little social media sharing and sent some emails for work.   Sounds like I’m off to a pretty good start, right?  Yeah, as long as I don’t look in front of me at the unmade bed in my room or to all those dishes in the photo above on my right.

Yesterday was a good day. Great corporate worship and wonderful discussion in my Sunday school class.  Lunch with people I love dearly. And we started Vacation Bible School at our church last night.  I love VBS!  The energy and enthusiasm of these kids and the love and serving hearts of the adults who are teaching them is one of my favorite things about being a part of a local church.

But today, the bed that didn’t get made because I was running late for church yesterday morning … the dishes that didn’t get done after lunch because we sat around the table talking and then enjoyed the best Sunday afternoon tradition ever (naps!!) … the bathroom that is a disaster because it rained while we were gone last night and my crazy dog needed a bath before he could come inside to go to bed … all of that is now taunting me.

Yesterday was everything I love about Sundays.  Fellowship, Bible study, beautiful times of worship, good food with great conversation, laughter, serving, rest … those are gifts I deeply treasure.

I just really need Monday not to come in with all her bossy ways, pointing out the consequences of that short nap on the couch instead of cleaning the kitchen.  I want to hang on to the beauty of Sunday for a just a little while longer.  I want Monday to be delayed.

what monday really needs || www.terilynneunderwood.com/blog

Ever feel that way?  I’m going to guess the answer is yes.  I imagine we all do.  My dear friend Sandra says maybe we need to start Monday empty instead of full.  I read that post last night and again this morning.  It’s good.  Really good.  Maybe I need less lists and more space.  Maybe (probably?) we all do.

So, yeah, I’ll get the dishes done and the beds made and the tub cleared of all remnants of dog hair … but not so I can check off the list. I think what Monday really needs is space.  Space to breathe and relax and listen and allow peace of Sunday to flow into her (me!).

Maybe what Monday really needs to be more like Sunday.

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  1. I made my bed this morning for the first time in over a week. We had VBS last week and a crazy weekend. I didn’t give the bed or the laundry or the fast food diet a second thought because I was giving my best to what was important and collapsing when I got home. I will say, however, it felt great to create some order in my bedroom this morning. But last week…I didn’t give it a second thought! The good thing about working outside the home is you don’t see the mess all day 🙂

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