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I *heart* October. What’s not to love? Football season is in full swing. {War Eagle!} The temps are finally dropping here in North Alabama. Pumpkins and mums are the decor of choice.  And it’s my birthday month!

But I have another reason to love October as well. The 31 days spectacular hosted by The Nester. A few years ago Nester had an idea to write on one topic every day for the month of October. The next year she asked a few of her blogging buddies to join her.  Momentum grew and by last year over 1200 bloggers shared their expertise, ideas, recommendations, and encouragement during the 31 days fun.

And so, September for all us bloggers becomes filled with questions like “Are you doing 31 days?” and “What is your topic?” I’ve noticed, though, there are those who are uncertain if they should participate or if they can write for 31 straight days, much less for 31 straight days on one topic.

I’m here to help, friends! While I was brainstorming for my own 31 days theme {which I’ll be sharing soon!}, I started writing down all sorts of ideas. Some were things I wish I knew, some were just for fun, some were informative, and some were far beyond my expertise.  It felt like a waste to have this list of ideas and not do something with it, so, I thought I’d share with any of you who are trying to figure out what to write.

31 ideas for 31 days series || www.terilynneunderwood.com/blog

And so, in no particular order, here are 31 ideas for 31 days series. {Also, I’d like to make a disclaimer: I offer no guarantee these are good ideas but maybe something in this list will spark inspiration for your own great series.}

  1. Makeup tips for the over 40 crowd. {This one is TOTALLY not in my expertise but my sweet friend Cyndi probably has these on her site already if you wanted to search there.}
  2. Must have clothes for fall.  I love clothes.  I love fall.  I love fall clothes.  Boots, sweaters, corduroy … swoon! {Check out my fall clothes Pinterest board if you want an idea of how I try to dress during this season.}
  3. Great songs from the 80s. I graduated in 1989. I thought this would be fun. Until I remembered I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to music {much to the dismay of my worship leading husband} so I probably am not the best one to write that sort of series.
  4. Inspiring women from history. {Someone please do this one!  And make it into an ebook I can get for my daughter! Thanks!}
  5. Presidential quotes. Just be sure to end with “Ask not what your country can do for you …” because otherwise everything else will be anticlimactic.
  6. Books pastors wives should read.
  7. Meals for fall.  {This one probably popped into my head because I was hungry but it would be a great series.  And if you write it, please share the recipes so I can add them to my menu.}
  8. Tips for a great Thanksgiving. {Here are some posts I’ve written on Thanksgiving.}
  9. Ideas for a peaceful Christmas. {Did you get the devotions I wrote last year for December 10 – January 6?}
  10. Best “Elf on the Shelf” ideas.  {I know, lots of people hate this but I have to admit, one of my favorite things in December is looking at all the crazy things the elves do at my friends houses.}
  11. Smoothie recipes.  {DEFINITELY not my area of expertise. My smoothies are always gross.}
  12. Favorite Pinterest boards.
  13. Things to do with pallets. {We have a bit of a pallet fixation around here.  Scott built our fence, deck, and a grilling platform from pallets. They might be one of my newest love languages.}
  14. Photos of Buddy the Basset.  Okay, so I suppose there are only three of us who could do this one and I’m the only one in my house who blogs.  But, I’m thinking I may share a photo of Buddy every day in October on Instagram or maybe even his Facebook page {which is in desperate need of attention}.
  15. Essentials for cheer and/or dance moms.  {Don’t laugh! This one could go viral … }
  16. Best Christmas movies.  We have over 200 Christmas movies in our house.  My husband *might* have an addiction. {Maybe I should share some of the ones you might not have heard of on my Facebook page in November/December.  Whatcha think?}
  17. Favorite photography poses. {This one sounds crazy, I know. But I absolutely love looking though photograhers’ websites and Pinterest boards to find cute poses.}
  18. Ways to use quilts in decorating.  We have several antique quilts and I’m always looking for great ways to feature them in our home.  {In other words, could someone please do this … or point me to a great post on the topic?}
  19. Great pumpkin desserts. I’m totally willing to bake with pumpkin every day in October if someone will write this series.
  20. Ways to encourage your pastor. {October is Pastor Appreciation month after all.}
  21. Books on motherhood.  {I do have a list of my ten favorites if you want someplace to start.}
  22. Quick tips for improving your writing. {Sandra did a great series on this topic last year and made it into an ebook … }
  23. Younger mommas who inspire me. I would love to share some of the amazing women — bloggers and not bloggers — who bless me with the way they love their children, their husbands, their homes, and the Lord.
  24. Bible study resources.  {People ask me about this all the time … }
  25. Gift ideas for teenage girls.  Seriously, y’all, could someone write a great series on this topic?
  26. Ways to encourage your daughter. Another one I’d love to read.
  27. Cute Auburn stuff.  War Eagle.  Enough said.
  28. Bible verses for a wife’s heart.  Sometimes we need encouragement in our marriages.  I’d love to see a great series with verses for wives.
  29. Great 31 days series you should read.  {Oh wait, I sort of did this one last year.  But if someone wanted to do something similar this year, I’d highly recommend it.  I connected with some amazing women and I have views on those posts almost every day.}
  30. Things I love about my home. C’mon, y’all … show off what you love about your house.
  31. 31 days of lists.  Not to do lists or checklists … the fun kind of lists.  Movies you love, books you hated, colors that inspire you, favorite snack foods, the ideas are endless.  A different list every day.  I love this one!  {And it was a close second to the topic I finally chose … }

Okay, so there you go.  31 ideas.  Are you inspired and ready to get started?  YAY!  You can also check out my post 31 tips for a great 31 days series on Design by Insight for some practical ideas and encouragement for writing your posts.

Which of these ideas do you love?  Why?

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