Being OK with Where You Are {book review}

When I give my “it” to God I am not setting it free to fly and let the universe decide to bring it back or not. Instead, I am surrendering my plans to a personal God who loves me and knows what is best for my heart.

Being OK with Where You Are

I have no idea what your “it” is … in fact, some days I’m not even sure what mine is.  I’m sure I did know, long before the laundry piled up and the pre-algebra homework lasted until bedtime.  But now, somehow, I just feel like I’m treading water.

I’m realizing I’m more an idea person than an execution person. I love to dream big and brainstorm and plan … but I’m not so much about the doing. But right now, God has placed me smack dab in the center of a season of doing.

  • Writing even when I’d rather watch another episode of Brothers & Sisters on Netflix.
  • Querying for magazine writing opportunities when I’d rather wait and see if Time will just call me for my amazing insight on managing life with a teenager.
  • Planning menus around football schedules when I sort of wish I was choosing flights to attend conferences.
  • Outlining a new devotional series for teenage girls when I’m sure I could be adding fun stuff to one of my Pinterest boards.

Being OK with Where You Are review || Teri Lynne UnderwoodSometimes we all find ourselves in the doing seasons. It’s hard to be content as a doer when you have the heart of dreamer. That’s why Stacey’s book was exactly what I needed to read as this season of staying home while everyone else {or so it seems} is going. I needed the reminder He has me in this place for a purpose. He’s called me to stay home, literally. 

When the days are good and everyone is  laughing together, I’m glad. I want to be here. I want to give my very best to these people who live with me in the little brick house on Green Avenue.

But every day isn’t good. And while the trauma {drama?} of this summer seems to be fading, life here in this house with these two people who have their own personalities and plans and don’t always ask me what I think about all of the stuff … well, those days, the idea of flying off to spend three days with some of my favorite bloggers sounds so. much. better. Please say you can relate!

Here’s the thing, it’s okay to be here. Wherever here is.  Because GOD IS HERE. Always. And even though this season of staying and doing wouldn’t be my first choice, it is most certainly the place He has for me right now. And, sweet friend, whether where you are is filled with chaos and crazy or longing or going or staying or a mixture of all the above, it’s okay to be where you are. Because God is there, where you are.

If you are struggling with this being okay where you are, may I recommend you get a copy of Stacey’s new ebook, Being OK with Where You Are? It’s only $3.99 right now on Amazon. It will encourage you and, even more importantly, her tender and honest words will point you back to the Word and the Word-Made-Flesh. And, friend, isn’t that exactly where we all need to be?

How do you struggle with being okay with where you are?

Purchase your ebook copy of Being OK with Where You Are {this is an affiliate link and I will receive a small commission if you purchase through it}.

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  1. I bought this book yesterday on your recommendation. Having been in a season of not being able to gather with blog and internet–oh who are we kidding, ANY except local area–friends for almost 3 years now, I look at your sadness about not traveling and nod. I get it. I live it all the time! (But I won’t say “suck it up.” I promise.)

  2. You know I will miss you most of all. BUT, the thing is this season is only here for like a minute. Wasn’t she 5 last week? The other stuff, it will still be here. I promise to tweet voxer you like every 10 minutes.

    Thank you for your sweet words here. I’m just so grateful to call you my friend!

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