Mom of a Teenager? Come Hang with Us!

Once upon a time there was a mom who wondered if she was ruining her child.  She second-guessed every decision she made.  She struggled to find her own identity as a mom.  The reasons for this confusion and insecurity on her part were countless.  She knew better.  But somehow, the older her girl grew, the less confident she felt in parenting.

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She prayed about it, asking God to help her and to send her a friend {or even better a group of friends} who would both commiserate on the bad days and celebrate on the good days.  Women who would  point her back to the truth of God’s Word.  Women who would love her and her daughter.  Women who challenged, strengthened, inspired, and stood in the gap.

Guess what, y’all? God is faithful!  I claimed James 1:5

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given to him.

And I asked.  I asked for mentors.  In fact, I asked God to send someone to my life who had parented an only child, a daughter who was creative and loved dance and music.  I asked God to send me friends who had sons and daughters older than mine, friends who would gather around the table in my life and be real and share their experiences.


Through the craziness that is the interwebs, God brought the amazing Kate Battistelli into my life. She even agreed to write the foreword to one of my books.  She’s answered the phone and picked up the pieces when I feel like I’m falling apart.  He brought me friends like Julie who asks me hard questions about how I’m talking to and listening to my girl but loves me so much no matter what.  He’s given me this Bible study group of women who dig deep into the Word each week and love my girl and her crazy momma.  And He has graciously allowed me to connect with women from around the world to encourage and listen and pray and celebrate and even cry as we walk this road of parenting teens.

One thing I’m sure of, we need each other. I know, because I’ve been the one who has sent the frantic text, “Please pray!” and I’ve received the same text from momma-friends in my community and across the country.

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That’s why I love being a part of (in)couragers.  Because we need each other.  Desperately.  We need a place to connect in the midst of the frantic days of 21st century life.  A place to offer the virtual hugs and pass the virtual chocolate.  A place to share the burden and a place to celebrate the victories (no matter how small).  That’s what the (in)couragers groups do.  And this session there are over 70 groups … all different kinds.

If you’re the mom of a teenager and you are looking for a place to belong, a place where your story is valuable, a place where you will be loved, a place where other mommas will pray for you and love you, a place where you can share the ugly mess some days bring, a place where you can be an exuberant as you want about your child’s accomplishments, a place where we really believe you can do more than survive the teen years, you can thrive in them … we’ve got it!

Join Kate and me in the Parenting Teens and Thriving (in)couragers group.  But go now to sign up … space is limited!  To get registered, go to our group page on the (in)courage site.  Click on the “Add link” icon and put in your name and email {blog or website URL is totally optional}.  Then wait for an email from me inviting you to our Facebook group.  From there, it’s cupcakes and hugs and lots of practical encouragement!

What are you waiting for? Go now!

See you there!!


Teri Lynne

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