Jesus Calling: One of my Favorite Devotionals

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I offer rest for your soul, as well as refreshment for your mind and body.

{Jesus Calling, August 19}

I’m not really sure when or where I received my first copy of Jesus Calling, I just know once I opened the pages I was captivated. For years I’ve been personalizing Scripture in my prayers … but hearing the words of Scripture personalized as a message to me from Jesus opened up the Word of God in a whole new way.

Check out one of my favorite devotionals - Jesus Calling bySarah Young

Since then I’ve given countless copies as gifts and recommended it as a resource for women, for students, and for children.  AND I’m thrilled to share with you Dayspring is offering the whole Jesus Calling product line for 40% through September 1! Yes, you read that correctly – 40%  OFF THE WHOLE LINE!! {Anyone but me thinking about Christmas gifts???}

Jesus Calling Product Line on sale - 40% off! We have many of these products … I have my worn out hard copy of the devotion as well as the Kindle version for when I’m traveling. I keep Jesus Today on my dresser. My teenage daughter reads each day’s devotion from the large perpetual calendar in her bathroom as she gets ready in the mornings. I love giving the kids edition of Jesus Calling to the children in our life … it’s perfect for children to read on their own or to use for family devotions.  {Confession: I often read the day’s devotion from the kids book just to get another perspective.} Recently, Dayspring added another item to the product line and I LOVE IT!!! These pass along cards are the perfect way to brighten someone’s day. I keep a couple in my purse in case I bump into someone who needs encouragement and I’m sure I’ll be adding them to cards I send to others. Each pass along card has a portion of a devotion from Jesus Calling and they are great! A set of 40 cards with a case to keep them from bending is only $9.99 — but with the 40% the cost is just $5.99. You can also get pass along cards with quotes from Jesus Today.  I’m considering using them in place of traditional gift tags on all our Christmas gifts this year. I’m thrilled to be able to offer you this great deal! Dayspring is one of my favorite companies of all time and I love working with them. Be sure to check out all the other monthly deals and the clearance items — you never know what you’ll find!!

Don’t forget use code JCOFF40 from now through September 1 to get 40% off the Jesus Calling Collection.

Happy Shopping!!



Do you use a daily devotion? If so, which one?

{Dayspring has graciously provided me with products to review in this post. I was happy to share my thoughts about these products – like the pass along cards – because I already loved the Jesus Calling devotional so much. Seriously, I give copies away for all sorts of occasions. Which makes me especially thrilled about sharing this discount with you because now you can get a copy and buy a few to give away as well!!}

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