WIWW {the back to school: winter edition}

Ahhh … do you hear that? It is the sweet sound of routine settling back into the corners and crevices of our home. I love the holiday season and I’m thankful for all the fun we had over the break. But there is something sweet about the return of schedule. {I am sure some people manage to have schedule and routine when school isn’t in session, we are not those people.}

My girl started the second semester of her freshman year in high school today. Right now I can’t sort out all the emotions — there are too many! And not all of them are sad because I find such delight in seeing her personality develop and her character mature. But still, as I shared in an Instagram this morning, I miss the little girl who loved “Little Bear” and Polly Pockets.

What I Wore Wednesday back to school edition

So this morning I thought I’d share the back to school look my girl chose … and a couple of other images from our Christmas break as well. I loved your enthusiasm for the last post I did featuring Casiday and decided to share my girl’s outfits more often.

What I Wore Wednesday {teenage girls fashion}

top—Deb || jeans—Old Navy || boots—Cents of Style

{Forgive the blurry picture … I’m back in 2012 with my iPhone 4.}  

Here are few more images from our Christmas break … no full length shots but still some great examples of stylish and modest clothes for girls.

WIWW Christmas breakLeft: That’s my mom with my niece Gwynn and Casiday on the day we spent shopping. Gwynn is another great example of adorable teenage fashion.  Casiday is wearing a black sweater with a big scarf.  Simple and comfortable for shopping.

Middle: Our little family on the Sunday after Christmas. Casiday has on the same sweater as in the previous photo but you can see the writing. I found it on the clearance rack at Target and she loved it. For church, she paired it with a white skirt and black tights and pumps. Isn’t that hair amazing?

Right: Here we are in the drizzly cold at Dollywood. Notice we all have head coverings! I shared this one because I love the head wraps.  Casiday’s has some sparkly rhinestones. Also, note our matching coats — Old Navy FTW, y’all! We got different colors so we could share.

Tell me about the weather where you are … cold or no? We’ve getting to the really cold time of year here in North Alabama but when I saw the temps at my parents’ house were in the single digits this morning, I didn’t complain too much about our barely below freezing temperature.


Teri Lynne

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my word for the year … and Friday is a sneak peek at some of the fun stuff I have planned for this space in 2015. I’m so excited!!

I mentioned the girl and I are loving head wraps this winter … and then I noticed GroopDealz has a great price on them right now. Check this out! {This is an affiliate link but I am glad to share the amazing products you can find on GroopDealz. I’ve purchased several items and been incredibly pleased with the quality and pricing.} I love these braided knit head bands and they are only $6.99! The spearmint is my favorite! It looks so cheery.

Braided Knit Winter Headbands - 4 Colors!

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