What I’m Reading {August 2015}

I read. A lot. And I am not exceptionally good at keeping my Book List up-t0-date. {understatement} Also, I don’t put books I’m re-reading or most fiction books on the list anyway … so it’s never 100% accurate.

I never read just one book at a time.  Emily Freeman and Shelly Miller have both written beautiful posts lately about why they read multiple books simultaneously.  And my head nodded in agreement with the words each of them shared.

Also, I have found that I need different types of books at various times of the day. I always read fiction before I go to bed, preferably something I have previously read so I won’t stay awake all night trying to finish. {truth} In the mornings, while my girl is getting ready for school and I can’t commit to anything deep because I may need to straighten hair or find a shirt at any moment, I like to read books that encourage me as a wife or mom {and have short sections in each chapter so I can start and stop as necessary}.

Looking for a good book? These are the 5 I'm currently reading.

Anyway, here’s a list what I’m reading right now, in case you are looking for something to read or just wondering what someone else is reading right now.

Reclaiming Home: A Family’s Guide for Life, Love, & Legacy by Krista Gilbert — Y’all, this is the book I always have with me right now. I’m underlining, writing in margins, looking up Scripture, and finding such a treasure of wisdom in this book.  When I finish I’ll write a review, I promise. But go ahead and pre-order your copy … you’ll be glad you did. {Check out the trailer for the book on Krista’s website.}

Women of the the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both our Hearts and our Minds by Jen Wilkin — I am using her study method for my Wednesday night Bible study group and so I keep going back to the book for wisdom and encouragement.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins — This is my current nighttime read. I know the story so well but I’m reading all three books again in anticipation of the final movie coming out in November.

Look and Live: Behold the Soul-Thriling, Sin-Destroying Glory of God by Matt Papa — I skimmed through this book over the summer.  Now I’m reading it slowly and letting the rich truths it contains sink deep into my heart.

Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Patillo Beals — My daughter is reading this for her 10th grade pre-AP English class so I am reading it with her. {Makes it easier to help her study if I’ve read the book.} Y’all, read this one. Melba was one of the Little Rock Nine, the students who first integrated into Central High School in 1957.  Her story is raw and honest and will cause you to stop and think and evaluate yourself in a thousand ways. But it is definitely a book I recommend.

The Gospel of John — I’m teaching this gospel on Wednesday nights so I am spending a lot of time studying and reading as I prepare.

The Book of Daniel — This is the current She Reads Truth plan and I honestly think it is the best one they have done. {Also, did you know there is now He Reads Truth as well? Yes indeed! And the guys are also studying Daniel … if you and your guy are looking for a study to do together, this might just be perfect!}

So, what are you reading these days?


Teri Lynne

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  1. I just finished Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert Massie. I have recently become fascinated with Russian history. V’s ballet teacher is talking about taking a group of girls to study at his hometown ballet in Saratov, Russia. Honestly, I don’t think I can let her go there…yes, shockingly, even I have my limits and I think Russia is it. In any case, I found the book fascinating, and it gave me a bit of appreciation and sympathy for the Romanov dynasty in general and the last tsar in particular.

    Currently on my nightstand: What Women Fear by Angie Smith, Keep Your Love On! by Danny Silk, and Economics:A Free Market Reader. I don’t know much about Keep Your Love On!, but I’m curious…based on a few things others have said I am highly skeptical of some of his line of thinking, but figure I should read it for myself before a jump to judgment. It comes highly recommended from someone else I highly respect.

  2. My nighttime read (I usually do fiction rereads, like you, so I am not kept up at night) is currently Jane Austen’s “Emma.” I haven’t read it in at least 16 years! Jane is still holding up well.

  3. I’m reading Sharper than a two-edged Sword by Andrew Wommack and Unmerited Favour by Joseph Prince. I prefer to read blogpost at night, or my digital Bible, because my light switch is far from my bed and i don’t like to have to get up to turn the light off once I get comfy in bed.
    For fiction I was reading Pride and Prejudice but mistakenly returned it to the library and forgot to re-rent. So today I picked up a book I’ve had for a while but haven’t gotten round to reading “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston.

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