#MarriagePrayers: John 15:8

#MarriagePrayers: 31 verses to pray for your marriage || Teri Lynne & Scott Underwood || prayer based on John 15:8

Isn’t Scott awesome? I loved yesterday’s post and am incredibly thankful for his willingness to be a part of this series. He’s a keeper, y’all! No doubt about it.


By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples. — John 15:8


We’re fruit lovers at the Underwood house. All three of us. Last weekend, Scott was headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things and asked me if there was anything I else I wanted.  “Bananas,” I said. {Bananas just sounded good. What can I say?}

When he came home, he only had two bananas. Sort of weird, right, since they come in bunches? He saw my confused look and said, “They’re only 29 cents a pound at Aldi. So I figured we could get more there.” He was right, of course. Most produce is less expensive at Aldi and we try to buy it there when we can.

Now you’re thinking, “What does the price of bananas in north Alabama have to do with praying for marriage?” Stay with me … I’m about to explain. I promise.

Sometimes buying fruit is costly. But we know it’s good for us and we want it, so we spend the money to get it.

Same thing is true for spiritual truth. Sometimes bearing fruit for the Kingdom is costly. But we know it’s for God’s glory and our good and we want to be true disciples, so we do what is necessary.

We must be diligent about encouraging our spouses to bear fruit! And we must realize, doing so is going to require sacrificing and reordering schedules and adjusting priorities. Scott and I are both leading discipleship groups in our church and we both teach Bible study classes on Wednesday nights. Why? Because we believe investing in others is one of the ways God has called us to bear fruit.

Would we like to attend a Bible study together? Sure!  Would we enjoy being in a home or discipleship group together? Absolutely! There have been times in our marriage when that has been available. For now, we’re in a season where God is using us separately. Which means we are both spending time preparing to lead and teach. We are both making time to connect with others a priority.

Honestly, we’ve been in seasons like this before and I’ve hated it. There have been times I have been resentful of the others who were getting some of Scott’s previous few available moments. I’ve been the one who complained and even made him feel bad for doing what God had called him to do. And I was wrong. So, so wrong.

You see, what I’ve learned is this: When I’m praying alongside him as he pours into others, I’m also bearing fruit for the Kingdom. And the same is true for him when he prays for me. Sometimes we get to bear fruit together and sometimes we pray each other through. Either way, we get to see God receive glory.

And, honestly, God’s glory is always the point, no matter how much it costs — because it’s always worth it in His economy.

~ Teri Lynne


Today’s Prayer

#MarriagePrayers: 31 verses to pray for your marriage || prayer based on John 15:8, that our fruit will bring glory to God alone.

Lord, Sometimes bearing fruit for the Kingdom costs more than we expect. Give us the wisdom and grace to encourage one another as we seek to be the disciples You have called us to be. Help us remember the fruit we bear is for Your glory, not our own. It’s easy to get jealous and frustrated about the time our spouses spend away from us so help us see that time as an investment in the Kingdom, for both of us. Remind us we are a part of the fruit when we choose to pray for what You are doing with and through our spouses. Keep our minds stayed on the goal — our fruit through Your grace for Your glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Thank you for joining us for #MarriagePrayers: 31 Verses to Pray for Your Marriage.  Scott and I will be sharing a new verse and prayer every day throughout May, leading up to our 20th anniversary on June 1.  You can find every day’s post indexed here.  We pray you will be encouraged and challenged as you pray God’s Word for your marriage.

#MarriagePrayes || Scott and Teri Lynne Underwood || prayer based on John 15:8, that we'd bear fruit for His glory not our own

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