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Learn more about "The Eleventh" ... an original series on Feeln premiering May 5th.

Who doesn’t love a good Hallmark movie?

Feeln is the Netflix for the Hallmark channel — all kinds of family entertainment and great movies. And now, Feeln is launching its own series, just in time for Mother’s Day.

“The Eleventh” is a Feeln original drama series that focuses on a young girl’s journey to getting to know her estranged grandmother in order to bring closure to the past and unite her family. I had the opportunity to screen the first two episodes in the series and, y’all, I’m totally hooked. With great casting (Cloris Leachman plays the grandmother) and a strong storyline, “The Eleventh” resonates with themes of family, forgiveness, and reconnection.

There is so much junk on television … I’m thankful for Hallmark’s commitment to provide family-friendly, uplifting movies and series. I think you’ll find “The Eleventh” fits right in with the Hallmark shows and films you have loved for years.

If you loved Karen Kingsbury’s “The Bridge,” you will definitely love this series! Watch full episodes of ‘The Eleventh” on Feeln.

What’s a great series you’ve found lately?


Teri Lynne

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I am partnering with Feeln and Grace Hill Media to share information about this new series.  All opinions are my own.

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