Be Where You Are!

Welcome to Day 12 of 31 Ways to Embrace Lopsided Living!

Be where you are! Lopsided Living challenges us to be fully present in our lives every day.


Do you have a hard time truly being present?

This is one area where I really struggle.  Because I’m one of those constantly thinking types of people, it can be hard for me to stop the ever-churning thoughts in my head and give my full attention to what is going on right in front of me.

Maybe you have a similar struggle?

It could be because we wear so many hats. It could be because there really is always something that needs to be done. It could be because when there are always at least two people talking to us at any given time.

I don’t think there’s a woman alive who hasn’t wanted to escape the ongoing demands and tasks of her “right now” at some point.

This is one of the biggest challenges of Lopsided Living, making the choice to —

Be where you are.

Yesterday I wrote,

… embracing the season we’re in gives us the ability to be grateful for the past, intentional about the future, and enthusiastic about the present.

Today we are taking that idea one step further. Being where you are requires us to be fully present in our lives.

Once we learn to embrace the season we’re in and see the beauty of what happens in it, we can take that same idea into the mundane and the messy of our daily lives. Jim Elliot said, “Wherever you are, be all there.”

Be where you are! Lopsided Living challenges us to be fully present in our lives every day.

It’s more than being in the same place physically — being present requires us to give our full attention to the people around us. For me, that means not reading a book during family movie night. I know, that sounds terrible … but it’s the truth, y’all. There are so many times when the movie Scott and Casiday want to see is not at all appealing to me. But that isn’t my cue to disengage.

Being present means staying engaged. It’s one way we can serve our families and friends with humility. Be all there!

Here’s my challenge to you for today:


For each of us that is going to look different. But it sets a great example for our families when we lay down our books {or phones!}, when we look others in the eye, when we choose to fully engage in what is happening right now. I don’t know what that will look like for you … to be honest, I don’t know exactly how it will look for me. It depends on what the day brings. But this I know, if we don’t make the choice first thing to be where we are, it’s highly unlikely it will happen.

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What do you need to do in order to be fully present with the people in your life today?

Living lopsided,

Teri Lynne

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  1. Yes yes yes! Setting up a small desk in the corner of the formal living room where I put my laptop and work/grad school books so that this stuff is not at the table when we are having meals, etc. Making a rule that the kids (teens) will put away electronics during dinner….

    I think the biggest challenge is the ever present technology in our lives. We need to use technology for some things, but other times we need to disconnect from technology and connect with others…or use technology together such as movie nights, playing video games together, etc. Even at work – making face to face contact with coworkers instead of merely emailing each other all the time.

    • Yes!! Technology has made it so hard. And we still struggle with that, a lot. But I have noticed the less I pick up my phone, the less anyone else picks up theirs.

      And you are so right — it isn’t just at home, it’s at work, and everywhere. {There’s a post coming about the value of eye contact … think you’ll like that one too!}


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