You’ve Got This! {a prayer for the embracers of Lopsided Living}

Welcome to Day 31 of 31 Ways to Embrace Lopsided Living!

A prayer for the embracers of #LopsidedLiving ... for the ones who say I want the abundance God offers and the peace He promises.Well, my friends, we made it to the end. Can I tell you I really wasn’t sure this would happen? Not because of you, of course. But because somehow my silly little self thought I could write a 31-day series about one of the topics I care most deeply about AND finish the manuscript for my first book at the same time.

But guess what??

We did it!

And I mean WE because every email you sent me this month, every comment you left, every kind share on social media was a little gift from God, a reminder to keep going, and to keep encouraging all of us to be willing to live purposefully unbalanced lives so we can actually experience the abundant, full, over the top, overflowing lives God desires for each one of us.

This month, I’ve scratched out well over 100,000 words — and with every one, I’ve been thinking about you.

Because every day you also do hard things. You use words to encourage the people in your lives. You pray and study the Bible so you can know the Lord better and be conformed to His image.

You clean up messes and you wonder if life will always be so chaotic. You help others and you fall asleep at night wondering if you did anything at all that matters.

So, yeah, we did it! We made it … and we made it together.

A prayer for the embracers of #LopsidedLiving ... for the ones who say I want the abundance God offers and the peace He promises.

It seems only fitting to end this series with the very thing I’ve just finished writing my first book about —



Lord, in a world that chases balance as if it’s the gold at the end of the rainbow, will You help me remember the promise of the rainbow? Your assurance that You won’t destroy what You have made — and You have made me. Nothing this world hurls at me has any power against You.

When I start trying to fit together the puzzle pieces of my life, remind me that You hold it all and that it is all held together IN You, BY You, and THROUGH YOU.

When I’m tired and have nothing left, help me remember You are my refuge and strength. You are a strong tower I can run to and when I’m afraid, I can put my trust in You.

When I feel the weight of my inadequacies, draw me close and give me the courage to remember it is in my weakness You are made strong.

And when I’m ready to give up, let me! May I release the grip I want to have, the desire to control, the yearning to plan — let me give up. Because it is only in that surrender that I can truly find the wholeness and fullness of life You have for me.

Teach me to live lopsided — chasing You with abandon and joy. Because You are my why. You and You alone.

In Jesus’ name,


Thank you for taking this journey with me. It’s been a joy to spend the last month with you! If you haven’t, I’d love for you to join the FULL LIFE CLUB. Every month I send out a note of encouragement for those of us who embrace Lopsided Living, who want to know the full life God has for us. Just fill out the form below.

Living lopsided,

Teri Lynne

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  1. Your daily words to seek Him first, that inspire and challenge are like a balm to me everyday. Thank you for time sacrifice of time and Prayer.

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