Lopsided Living at Christmas

5 tips for lopsided living at Christmas ... simple ways to have the holiday season you want

Can you believe Christmas is just over two weeks away?

I don’t know about you but to me it really feels like 2016 has flown by. As we’ve been working out our holiday calendar and plans, we keep coming back to our WHY. This year it’s circled back to time for just our little family of three. With the realization that Casiday’s senior year is just around the corner, both Scott and I have a keen awareness of the sweetness of these how quickly the time of our girl living here with us is passing by.

But here’s the thing, sometimes we know the WHY but we just aren’t sure how to get there.

I often find myself going back to those Lopsided Living practices. And during the holiday season, there are a few that have really been useful in helping us not only know our WHY but truly live in it.

5 Tips for Lopsided Living at Christmas … simple ways to have the holiday season you want

Remember sometimes good enough is enough.

For real. Many years I’ve made all kinds of holiday treats. This year, I haven’t made anything (yet). I hope to make a batch of fudge and maybe some peppermint bark or Tiger Bark. But, if I don’t, it will be okay. We’ll all survive. (Though we will miss the fudge!)

It’s okay to do something instead of everything.

Shoeboxes, angel trees, coat drives, soup kitchens … all the needs can feel overwhelming this time of year. And while we may want to contribute to or participate in every opportunity, that isn’t realistic. So pick something and give your best to it and don’t feel guilty about what you aren’t doing.

Be where you are.

This is the hardest one for me. I’m always thinking ahead and can often miss out on the moments I most want to enjoy. Sometimes being where you are simply means putting away the phone or camera (if you still use one) and letting the memories be etched on your mind and in your heart instead of captured for social media. But it can also be inside you — a choice not to think about what is coming next on the agenda in order to fully engage in the moment you are in.

5 tips for lopsided living at Christmas ... simple ways to have the holiday season you want!

Take care of yourself.

Seriously. I mean this one … because as busy moms we can be the worst at this. Schedule time for you in the middle of all the chaos. Maybe you want to get up a little earlier or stay up a little later to enjoy the twinkling tree lights in the quiet. Or maybe you’d rather take a few minutes every afternoon to sneak into a quiet space (even if it’s the bathroom!) and read your favorite Advent devotional. Maybe you need to take a Sunday nap every week or take one Saturday morning for yourself to bake or get a manicure or just listen to your favorite Christmas album. Don’t neglect this!! When we make space in our schedules to take care of ourselves we do a far better job of taking care of our families as well.

Give yourself grace.

Do you remember the year I tried making the red velvet roll instead of our traditional red velvet cake … if not, the short version is, we ended up with red velvet trifle and a fun memory. It’s okay to put the fancy bows on one present for each person and leave the rest undecorated. Or maybe let someone help with some of the tasks on your list. (Or, brace yourself, maybe let some of those tasks go undone completely!)

With all the outside pressure we can feel during the holiday season, what better gift can we give ourselves and our families than a lopsided Christmas?

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Teri Lynne

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  1. Once again, you are spot on!!! Our ladies cannot wait to meet you at our spring brunch in April. May you and yours have a most blessed Christmas and New Year…

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