What I’m Reading {March 2018}

I can’t believe it’s already March and I’m just now sharing my first What I’m Reading post of the year. Crazy. But that probably also tells you how little I’ve actually had time to read. (insert very sad face)

Nonetheless, I couldn’t let 2018 get any further along without sharing with you some of the incredible books I’ve been reading lately. And I figured I’d go ahead and recommend a few Mother’s Day gift ideas as well … I know it’s early still but, if you’re like me, that holiday can sneak up on you and you might want to start dropping hints sooner than later.  haha!

What I'm Reading {March 2018} — find out what is currently in Teri Lynne's book stack and check out her suggestions for books for moms (Mother's Day is coming!). Books by authors including Shelly Wildman, Denise J. Hughes, Kayla Aimee, Jen Schmidt, and more!

What I’m Reading {March 2018}

One of my favorite parts of knowing so many writers is having the opportunity to read their books before they actually release and sometimes to even get an opportunity to endorse their books.  Here are three in that category:

Just Open the Door by Jen Schmidt

I’m on the launch team for this book because, well honestly, Jen has been one of my parenting mentors from afar from years. And while this book isn’t about parenting, the truth is, anything she does I’m going to be cheering her on.  Jen is the blogger behind Balancing Beauty and Bedlam and I can’t even count how many of her recipes I’ve used over the years.  I also love her Frugal Fashionista series.  Releasing April 10, Just Open the Door is a breath of fresh air for all of us who love the idea of hospitality but aren’t sure how to get started.

Pre-order your copy now (affiliate) Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation

First Ask Why by Shelly Wildman

Shelly is another one of those mom mentors in my life.  We both wrote for Mothers of Daughters and her girls are just a few years ahead of my Casiday.  This book, y’all, I just wish I had First Ask Why when Casiday was little.  Shelly has such great insight about the WHYs behind what we do as moms and her heart is so full of grace and compassion. I promise that once you read this book, you’re going to wish you could call Shelly and meet her for coffee. This book will be available April 24.

Pre-order your copy now (affiliate) First Ask Why: Raising Kids to Love God through Intentional Discipleship

In Bloom by Kayla Aimee

I adore Kayla Aimee! She’s so cute. Even though we’ve never met, we were also both writers for Mothers of Daughters and her first book, Anchored, was one of my favorites the year it released.  In Bloom is Kayla’s warm and winsome invitation for all of us to trust our identity to the One who made us.  She is an amazing storyteller and you may snort-laugh at some of her stories but behind it all is her heartfelt desire for you to see yourself the way God sees you.  I had the profound privilege to endorse this book and I’m so excited it is finally available for purchase everywhere.

Order your copy of (affiliate) In Bloom: Trading Restless Insecurity for Abiding Confidence

Current Bible Study and Devotional Reading

New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

Tripp’s writing is more meaty than most daily devotional books and I have also loved the additional Scripture study he recommends. Every day I am both encouraged and challenged by the reading.  Several of my friends have purchased the book based on quotes I’ve shared on Facebook and all of them are also loving it.  This is a book I’m sure I will continue to use and continue to recommend and give to others.

Order your copy (affiliate) New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

I’m also doing the She Reads Truth Lent study — soooo good. We’re reading through Exodus and it is a perfect way to prepare my heart for Easter.

I’m reading through Romans with Stacey Thacker, Erin Warren, and a bunch of other girlfriends!

Finally, I’m teaching Philippians at my church and also leading two discipleship groups of college-aged girls through 1 John.

What I'm Reading {March 2018} — find out what is currently in Teri Lynne's book stack and check out her suggestions for books for moms (Mother's Day is coming!). Books by authors including Shelly Wildman, Denise J. Hughes, Kayla Aimee, Jen Schmidt, and more!Books for Moms

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, here are a few new books you might want to gift or request.

With Love, Mom by Dawn Camp

I have a contribution in this beautiful book for mothers and daughters. Dawn Camp has compiled the stories of over 30 of writers. Each one captures a facet of the incredible relationships between mothers and daughters.

Order your copy (affiliate) With Love, Mom: Stories about the Remarkable Bond between Mothers and Daughters

6 Stories Every Mom Should Tell by Denise J. Hughes

We all have stories and they are ones our children need to hear.  Denise has created a keepsake book designed to help us write the stories we need to tell.

Order your copy (affiliate) 6 Stories Every Mom Should Tell

Brave Moms, Brave Kids by Lee Nienhuis

Lee has written a book to give us boldness as we parent children who are brave enough to stand firm in the world! I highly recommend her book for moms with younger children but even us moms with grown and nearly grown kids will find nuggets of truth to help us guide our children as well.

Order your copy (affiliate) Brave Moms, Brave Kids: A Battle Plan for Raising Heroes

Praying for Girls by Teri Lynne Underwood

This little nugget is on sale right at $9 on Amazon. It would make a great addition to any girl mom’s library. If you’ve had a friend or church member has a new baby girl or is expecting one, I suggest this book. 😉

Order your copy (affiliate) Praying for Girls: Asking God for the Things They Need Most


Okay, so I’m not reading this … but I am really excited about it! A brand new online Bible conference — ENJOY THE WORD.  The conference will happen May 2-4 and I’ll be sharing about different sessions as we move closer to the conference.  You can get all the details about the whole conference here.

Session Highlight — Kat Lee
How to Build the Habit of Regular Bible Study

Building a Bible Study Habit walks you through the basics of habit building and breaks down the process into simple steps. You don’t need willpower, self-discipline or determination to build this life-changing habit – it’s so much easier than it seems. Join Kat Lee as she shows you how to get started today!

Super Early BIrd ticket price of $39.95 ends on March 20! Get your ticket today!

What are you reading these days?


Teri Lynne

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  1. Thank you for being my cheerleader and such an encourager, sweet friend. Can’t wait for you to get your book . You’ll be surprised,. there’s a lot in there about mothering . So while not a parenting book, Open door living sure had impacted my family.

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