5 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Mom Friends

Hi friends!

If we were sitting together having coffee (which I soooo wish we were!), I bet we’d end up discussing Christmas gifts. And maybe we’d share some of what we’ve bought or what we hope to find or even what we’re wishing might be under the tree for us. I am not the world’s greatest gift giver.  Bless Scott’s heart, he’s received some terrible gifts over the years. (I mean, who knew the cordless telephone/TV remote wasn’t the perfect gift??)

My heart is in the right place. But sometimes the execution doesn’t match.

Maybe you can relate?

So, I started thinking about the gifts we give each other … as moms and friends. And, of course, the VERY BEST GIFT we can give to a fellow mom is GRACE!! But, maybe you have a friend or two you want to encourage this Christmas with something tangible.

Here are five ideas for $30 or less.

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom friends? Check out these five suggestions and let your friends know how much you love them this holiday season!

For your Bible Study pal

You know who I’m talking about, right?  She’s the one who gets goofy about the Greek and Hebrew transliterations and you’re never sure what book to get her because it seems like she already has them all.  How about a gifted membership to GIRLFRIENDS GUIDE TO THE BIBLE and a fun THIS MOM PRAYS coffee mug?  Stacey Thacker has a beautiful membership community full of Bible study gals! Full of encouragement, study plans, and great resources, your friend will love being a part of the GGTTB community! And, since we all know coffee is the perfect compliment to Bible study, how about a cute THIS MOM PRAYS mug to go with it.

You can contact Stacey (email her at stacey {at} staceythacker {dot} com) to get the membership set up for your friend (all you need is her email address) and you can order the mug right here.

Cost: $19.99 (GGTTB annual membership $9.99, coffee mug $10)

For your Girl Mom friend

Do you have a friend who is in the throes of raising a daughter? You know that’s right up my alley, right? How about this idea — Praying for Girls: Asking God for the Things She Needs Most + tote bag to keep her Bible, prayer journal, pens, and book in.  Praying for Girls covers five key areas where we can pray for our daughters. It includes 200 Scripture-based prayers as well as encouragement for moms and ideas for connection with girls of all ages. And who doesn’t need a tote bag to contain al the stuff and make your prayer closet portable.

Get more details and ordering info about the book (currently under $9 on Amazon!) here and order the tote bag here. {If you want to do even more, toss in one of these (affiliate link) $5 journals from DaySpring!}

Cost: $23.77 (Praying for Girls $8.77, tote bag $15)

For your Special-Needs Parent friend

I’m not a special-needs parent but I am a friend to several. And this is what I know, they need all the encouragement and love we can give them. But they also need to know they aren’t alone and that God is near to them.  My friend Sandra Peoples just released a great book for special-needs parents, Unexpected Blessings: The Joys and Opportunities of Life in a Special-Needs Family. With a beautiful blend of solid theology and practical hope, Sandra (who is both a special-needs mom and a special-needs sibling) offers special-needs parents the vital encouragement and help they need while also pointing them back to the goodness of God in all things. This book plus a gift card to their favorite coffee shop would be a wonderful way to love on friend who is raising a special-needs child.

Order the book (affiliate link) here and grab a gift card at your local coffee shop.

Cost: $20.39 (Unexpected Blessings $10.39, gift card $10)

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom friends? Check out these five suggestions and let your friends know how much you love them this holiday season!

For your Bible Journaling friend

Okay, so you have a friend who is super creative and loves Bible journaling and you have zero clue what to give her because when you walk down the crafting aisles at Hobby Lobby you feel 1000% overwhelmed. DaySpring has you covered! And, there are tons of options. If you have no idea what she has, I’d suggest the journal and mug gift set.  If she’s just getting started, you could get her some basic supplies.  I am a huge Bible journaling fan — and I love that there are so many ways to do it. Your creative friend will be thrilled with (affiliatelink) any of the Illustrated Faith products from DaySpring, I promise.

Order the gift set or the basic supplies kit or build your own gift from all the awesomeness at (affiliate link) DaySpring!

Cost: $15—30 (gift set $15, basic tools kit $20, or build your own!)

For your Party Throwing friend

We all have that one friend who loves to have people in her home, right? She’s the one who makes sure your group gets together for lunch regularly and who can turn a day of errands into a fun time of connection.  Let this pal know how much you appreciate her hospitality with a beautiful pitcher or a set of clay-dipped coffee mugs.  And, as a bonus, maybe she’ll invite you over to enjoy her gift with her. 🙂

You can find this awesome pitcher and a set of three mugs at (affiliate link) DaySpring.

Cost: $15-22 (pitcher $15, set of three mugs $22)

{Another idea is to get the set of mugs and split them between three of your friends — which makes each gift just over $7}

Okay, so there you go … the perfect gift for your Bible study or girl mom or special-needs parent or Bible journaling or party throwing friend!

5 great gift ideas for your mom friends! Fun ways to encourage and celebrate the women who are making your world better. Which one would you love to receive?? Click To Tweet

Which of these gifts would YOU want this Christmas??


Teri Lynne

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