What I’m Reading {March 2019}

Y’all, I am barely reading anything this month. No joke. With our Refresh conference happening this weekend and preparing for the Enjoy God’s Word conference next month, I’ve basically only been reading things directly connected to what I’m studying and/or teaching.

While I will share what’s on my very small stack, I‘d love to hear from you about what you are reading. There are a few books coming out in the next few weeks/months that I am excited about so I’ll share those too.


What I'm Reading {March 2019} Suggested BIble study resources, devotionals, and nonfiction recommendations.

What I’m Reading {March 2019}

Bible Study

We always start here since I’m always teaching something. I have wrapped up my study of Colossians since I’ll be teaching that this weekend but all my Bibles and commentaries are still open to Exodus. 🙂

I’ve also begun slowly working my way through John as I am planning to teach through that gospel next year at church.

Quiet Time

Okay, remember how I wasn’t love the Experiencing God devotional? Yeah, I gave it up. So I’m using Paul David Tripp’s New Morning Mercies again. I really love it. I’ve also been reading from either My Utmost for His Highest or Streams in the Desert every day.

I do have a Lenten devotional … but I typically read from it on Saturdays and do the whole week’s worth of reading then. The one I’m using is God For Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Lent and Easter. Honestly, I am not loving this one which could explain why I’m reading weekly instead of daily. I want to love it because I love the Christmas devotional by the same authors so much … but, it’s not as good, I think. {If you are interested in a simple reading and prayer guide for Lent, I have one that follows the redemption story from Genesis through Revelation.}


Okay, I have a couple of books I want to read but haven’t started yet. The Storm-Tossed Family by Russell Moore is at the top of my list. I also picked up a copy of an Elizabeth George book I haven’t read, A Woman’s Guide to Making Right Choices. I am hoping to read both of these before next month. 🙂


I need some new fiction. I still re-read before bed; but, I am really wanting to find some new authors and series to check out. I am not super picky as long as the characters are believable and the writing is good. So, hit me with your best recommendations!

Books I’ve Endorsed

Over the past few months, I have read several books for endorsement. Here are three that are releasing in the next few months. All are currently available for preorder.

First up is The Art of Amen: A Creative Prayer Experience by my dear friend, Cat Bird. Here’s my endorsement: Sometimes we hear “creative’ and we immediately feel inadequate. But this book is an invitation to everyone to embrace the reality of being made in the image of a creative God. Cat’s grace and tenderness opens wide the doors for even those of us who feel the least creative to experience the joy of living a vibrant and creative life as we worship a vibrant and creative God!  Y’all, this is a book you want! And if you are looking for a way to engage in the Word with your daughter or with friends, this would be a great tool for that too. Releasing April 9.

The next one is for all my mom friends. The awesome Anne-Renee Gumley and Amanda Bacon of The Masterpiece Mom have written their first book, Shiny Things: Mothering on Purpose in a World of Distractions, and I wish I could give a copy to every mom I know. I was honored to give this endorsement: For all of us moms who have felt the weight of discouragement and distraction, Anne-Renee and Amanda are a welcome voice of reassurance and hope. Shiny Things is their gentle but genuine reminder we need to let go of our guilt and self-imposed expectations and rest in the grace we have in Christ. Every mom in the trenches will want to go ahead and pre-order this book as a Mother’s Day gift to themselves. It releases April 16.

I’m sure you know how much I adore Kate Battistelli. She is so wise and generous. I look for reasons to go to Nashville just so I can spend time with her and her equally amazing husband Mike. They are gifted encouragers and the best at hospitality. It is a HUGE honor for me to have endorsed Kate’s new book, The God Dare: Will You Choose to Believe the Impossible? As a friend and mentor, Kate has been encouraging and challenging me to live out the very principles in this book for as long as I have known her.  Her passion for walking out The God Dare in her own life is contagious. Every word in this book is an invitation, not simply to join her, but to live that overflowing, abundant life God has for each one of us. What a gift Kate and her words are to all of us! If you have this sense God is asking you to step out in faith, Kate will be the best cheerleader you can find! This book releases on June 1, which happens to be my 23rd wedding anniversary. You can pre-order now.

So, there you have it … the few books I’m reading and a few books I hope you will pre-order. And, if you would, drop me some book recommendations in the comments!


Teri Lynne

If you want to order any of these books, the following are my affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if you purchase through them. Thank you for your support!

(in)courage Devotional Bible {this is what I use for my daily quiet time} || ESV Study Bible, CSB Study Bible, and NLT Illustrated Study Bible {these are the study Bibles I use the most || New Morning Mercies || My Utmost for His Highest || Streams in the Desert || God For Us || The Storm-Tossed Family || A Woman’s Guide to Making Right Choices || The Art of Amen || Shiny Things || The God Dare

And, of course, if you don’t have a copy of my book, Praying for Girls: Asking God for the Things They Need Most, you can get that here.

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