{Top Ten} Free – or Nearly Free – Kindle Books

I love my Kindle … I don’t have any sort of iPad envy at all because all I want is my Kindle.  I take it with me EVERYWHERE.   So far this year, I’ve read over 25 books because my Kindle is so easy to pick up and use.   And of […]

Simple Comfort {Foods}

There is just something about a rainy day that requires comfort food.   A favorite stew, maybe a soup or chowder, perhaps a simple crock-pot dish or even a chicken pot pie seems the necessary sustenance for a dreary, gray day. Here in south Georgia we don’t have a real winter, […]

Book Review: One in a Million

I was in the front seat, staring blankly out the passenger window.   Have you ever done that? Stared blankly while your life, with all its spinning parts, whirled around you in a chaotic fury?  Have you ever thought to yourself, How did we get here?  How did this happen? That’s […]