The benefit of the doubt. It’s one of those things we all want to receive … but sometimes we are not as good as giving it to others. But if I’ve learned anything about relationships in my forty-six years, it’s this—the gift of understanding is one of the most precious things […]

On Friendship, Bible Journaling, and Craving Connection

Can we talk friendship for a little bit today? This morning, I was thinking about my friendships and identifying those friendships that have stood the test of time and the newer friends who I can’t imagine now my life without them.  My BFFs from high school are still important to me. […]

15 Ideas for #GivingTuesday

What is #GivingTuesday? In 2012 #GivingTuesday began as an effort to respond to the commercialization and materialism of Christmas. Urging people to use the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving as a day to give back to organizations making a difference in communities and around the world, #GivingTuesday has continued to grow […]

What Counts as Success?

If you’ve ever heard me speak, you’ve undoubtedly heard these two sentences … “Go ahead and take that nap!” and “We have a low standard of success: if no one’s dead and no one’s in jail, it’s a good day.” I know, you’re now thinking, “Holy cow, this girl is […]

Why So Busy? 3 Reasons and 3 Responses

You’re busy. I know. I am too. {Remember, I’m not even apologizing for it anymore.} But here’s the thing, there’s good busy and there’s bad busy. I know, it all makes our calendars look crazy. But the truth is, there are times when life is just busy and it’s for […]