What I’m Reading {March 2018}

I can't believe it's already March and I'm just now sharing my first What I'm Reading post of the year. Crazy. But that probably also tells you how little I've actually had time to read. (insert very sad face) Nonetheless, I couldn't let 2018 get any further along without sharing with you some of the incredible books I've been reading lately. And I figured I'd go ahead and recommend a few Mother's Day gift ideas as well ... I know it's early still but, if you're like me, that holiday can ... [Read More]

Fear Fighting: When Rejection Tears Your Heart Apart {guest post by Kelly Balarie}

  I'm thrilled to welcome Kelly Balarie whose book, Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage to Overcome Your Fears, releases today. I'll be sharing more about the book has impacted me and my thoughts about the coming year later this month. But today, I wanted you to hear from Kelly about a topic we all face—rejection. Kelly's words are a great reminder and reminder for all of us as 2017 begins. ~ TL Fear Fighting: When Rejection Tears Your Heart Apart I remember it like yesterday: he ... [Read More]

What I’m Reading {June2016}

  What happens to a girl who loves to read when her life has been full of end of school activities, writing projects, and no down time? She gets cranky, that's what! Until she remembers it's June ... which means VACATION and time to read all those books stacked up on her nightstand {well, a few of them anyway ... let's be honest, that TBR stack is a little like Mt. Everest}. Included on my June reading list is some fiction guaranteed to be so engrossing, you won't even be able to ... [Read More]