3 Reasons the Church Matters

Welcome to day 24 of STAND OUT: 7 traits of a counter cultural life. You can find every post in this series indexed here. We're wrapping up the discussion about DEPENDENCE today. In a society that values self-sufficiency and independence, one of the most radical ways we live counter culturally is to acknowledge our need for relationship both with God and with others. We were created with an inherent desire for connection with God and community with others. As believers, we also have a ... [Read More]

10 Things Your Pastor’s Wife Wants You to Know

10 THINGS YOUR PASTOR'S WIFE WANTS YOU TO KNOW Just some things I thought you might want to know ... Your pastor is just a man.  He will fail.  He will make some bad choices.  He will look back and see how he could have done things differently. He's her man.  So when you talk about him and his failings and shortcomings, it hurts her.  Not because she thinks he's perfect but because she loves him and knows how much it hurts him to know that he doesn't always shepherd well. Her kids ... [Read More]