My 10 Favorite Bible Studies from The Daily Grace Co.

Looking for a biblically solid, inductive Bible study for yourself or a group? These are ten of my favorites from The Daily Grace Co., my most trusted and recommended source for biblically sound and beautifully presented Bible studies and Bible study tools. This list includes both text and topical studies including the two studies we will use this fall in the Scripture Dig community!

Summer in the Psalms

Join the Scripture Dig community for SUMMER IN THE PSALMS. Daily readings (M-F) with discussion prompts as well as Minute Meditations covering every day from May 10 through August 20.

10 Verses of Hope for Hard Times

This is hard. And none of us was really prepared for how hard it would be.

Here’s what I’m finding, even when I don’t FEEL hope, I can KNOW hope. Because hope isn’t a feeling, hope is a Person. If you’re struggling, lean into Jesus.