3 Reasons Family Traditions Are Important

Last year we completely renovated Scott's grandparents' home. We moved in just before Casiday graduated and in time for all the summer holidays. By the time Fourth of July rolled around, we had already hosted more events in our new home than we had in the house we'd lived in the previous seven years. Building relationships is important to us. Opening our home to others is one way we do that. Whether it's a barn party for the students at our church or a New Year's Eve party with all our ... [Read More]

The Power of Things that Will Last

A couple of weeks ago, after I had shared my testimony in church, one of my former Sunday school teachers sent me a card. Like a real card in the mail. I can't even begin to explain how much it meant to me that she had taken the time to encourage me and share what my story had meant to her. My family is full of note-senders. My dad wrote me letters every week for my first year of college. I have stacks of cards and notes from my grandmothers, aunts, and others. There is something ... [Read More]