On Friendship, Bible Journaling, and Craving Connection

Can we talk friendship for a little bit today? This morning, I was thinking about my friendships and identifying those friendships that have stood the test of time and the newer friends who I can't imagine now my life without them.  My BFFs from high school are still important to me. There are about six of us who stay in touch and, gosh, we're all so very different in every possible way. But these women have known me from my 1980s hair and buck teeth until now. And seriously, the people who ... [Read More]

Available, Brave, and Connection: My Heart Plan for 2017

2016 was not my best year on record. In fact, it was pretty rough. Not in the way everyone might notice but, for my heart, 2016 was brutal. My journal is full of tear-stained pages begging for God to make clear the path He has for me and pleading on behalf of people I dearly love. The year began and ended with crushing words from people I had trusted with my heart. In many ways, I am more aware than ever of the fickle love we offer each other, the frailty of our relationships, and the desperate ... [Read More]