10 Gifts to Encourage Your Little Girl’s Faith

Next up on the Christmas gift guides ... little girls! Y'all, I can't lie, I love the little ones at Christmas. My favorite Christmas picture of Casiday is when she was almost two. She's wearing the cutest Christmas sweater and a Santa hat. She had those chubby toddler hands and is holding a big red ornament. And, she has the biggest wad of bubble gum in her mouth. I put it out every year because I love it so much. It was so fun researching and curating this list for all of us who will ... [Read More]

10 Gifts to Inspire Your Tween Girl’s Faith

Those tween years are super hard. Part girl, part teen with all kinds of hormones and changes in personality and physicality — these years between 9 and 13 can be completely overwhelming for us as moms and for our sweet girls as well. So many of the moms I know with girls in this age group want to be super intentional about investing in their girl's spiritual life during this season — but they really aren't sure how to do it! I totally understand, and I felt the same way when my girl ... [Read More]

My New Journaling Bible || HCSB Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible

So, I have a new journaling Bible. Yes, this makes three. Whatev. :) I use my journaling Bibles in different ways and I have loved experimenting with techniques and tools. I love the way I can slow down and meditate on a passage or idea or even a word as I create on the pages of my Bible. It has become a very important part of my time in the Word. And I've also loved the challenge of learning new ways to illustrate what God is showing me. I am a pretty good hand letterer ... but, y'all, I ... [Read More]

50 Gifts for Teenage Girls {$50 and Under}

For the record, in my experience,  the best gift for a teenage girl is, almost always, a gift card. Because no matter what you pick out—even if you buy it at 11:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve from the last minute additions to her "this is all I want for Christmas" 20-page list of approved gifts—it will be wrong. :) Even so, there must be gifts under the tree, right? And so, we moms will do our best to find the perfect surprises for Christmas morning ... and, there's a pretty good chance we'll ... [Read More]