50 Gifts for Teenage Girls {$50 and Under}

For the record, in my experience,  the best gift for a teenage girl is, almost always, a gift card. Because no matter what you pick out—even if you buy it at 11:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve from the last minute additions to her “this is all I want for Christmas” 20-page list of approved gifts—it will be wrong. 🙂

Even so, there must be gifts under the tree, right? And so, we moms will do our best to find the perfect surprises for Christmas morning … and, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll manage to find something that makes our sweet girls smile. With all that in mind, I’ve curated a list of 50 gift ideas {all $50 and under} for the teenage girls on your list. I had to make it a bigger list than previous years so my girl wouldn’t be able to use it to scope out the possibilities under the tree.

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Looking for a gift for the teenage girl on your list? Here are 50 ideas ...

Last year we got our girl the (1) ESV Student Bible and she loves it. If you want to buy a good study Bible for your teenager, I highly recommend this one. However, if your girl is more artistically inclined or is a notetaker, the (2) Single Column Journaling Bible may just be the ticket for her. (3) Jesus Calling for Teens is one of my favorite devotionals for girls — my daughter has the larger perpetual calendar style in her bathroom.

Jesus Calling - 365 Day Perpetual Calendar for Teens - LargeI think journals are always a great gift and Dayspring has several options. My favorites include (4) Change the World, (5) Hope Shines Through, and (6) My Happy Journal. While you’re on the recently-redesigned Dayspring site {which is lovely, by the way!}, you should also check out the (7) You’re Loved mini tablet pouch and the (8) Words Can Go pencil pouch.
Sadie Robertson - Let Your Smile Change the World - Christian JournalIf you’re looking for something special for her bedroom, the (9) What Does the Lord Require canvas pin board and (10) Wear Love printed canvas block are super cute. My girl also loves having fun (11) throw blankets and has mentioned on several occasions how much fun it would be to have (12) a bungee chair{And, so you know, these throw blankets and the bungee chair are both in Target’s Black Friday sale!}

Wear Love - Printed Canvas BlockEven as a girl, I was an avid reader  so the (13) Kindle Fire tablet would have made a fabulous gift for me. Books like (14) The Selection series would be a great start to her Kindle library.  If she’s more of traditionalist and wants to hold a “real” book, how about (15) Speak Love by Annie Downs? Other fun but useful ideas are a (16) mobile charger and a (17) selfie stick?

Have you seen an (18) adult coloring book? So cute … but there’s always the stand-by (19) children’s coloring book {bonus if it features her favorite childhood characters!}. Rather than crayons, how about a set of (20) colored pencils or (21) fun pens?

How about a coloring book for your girl? Just one of the 50 ideas in this post!

Maybe you’ve got a girly girl who loves makeup? Yeah, me too. While the Naked 3 palette is on her list, the (22) Naked 2 Basics palette is a little more affordable.  Perhaps a (23) gift card to Ulta or a gift certificate for a (24) pedicure would thrill your girl like it would mine. I’ve found also, cute (25) cosmetic bags are almost always well-received.

Jewelry is also a fun gift for girls.  Lisa Leonard’s (26) Have Hope necklace is gorgeous as is the (27) Be the Good tribe bracelet from Cents of Style.  Speaking of Cents of Style, the (28) state necklace was on the list last year and I’m adding it to this year’s list also. So cute.  And, in case you’ve missed it, the (29) Lokai bracelets are all the rage.

Got a coffee drinker? (30) Starbucks gift cards are always an option {but even better is a gift card to a local coffee place}. If she likes to carry her coffee with her, you might want to look for a cute (31) travel coffee cup. And along those same lines, a (32) Tervis tumbler or fun (33) infuser water bottle are also great ideas.

Does buying her clothes scare you? Understandable but here are few suggestions anyway …

(34) Bandeaus are an awesome accessory! The (35) puffy vest trend seems to be continuing and these (36) faux sherpa vests are everywhere. {I have one and love it!} (37) Duster cardigans are also a huge thing right now.  Faux fur is also big … about a (38) vest or maybe a (39) fur-trimmed hat might appeal to your girl.

(40) Graphic tees and (41) sweatshirts are a fun way for your girl’s personality to shine. And, for the preppiest among us, a (42) monogrammed quarter-zip sweatshirt is a great idea. (43) Blanket scarves and fringed accessories like these cute (44) booties are also in style. Other fun gifts in this vein include (45) Converse-lookalike sneakers, (46) Nike Elite socks {who knew??}, (47) cute slippers and my girl’s current obsession, (48) World’s Softest Socks.

fringe booties are all the rage ... does your girl want some for Christmas?Bizarrely enough, our girl added (49) luggage to her Christmas list this year. {Belk almost always has the best price on luggage sets in their Black Friday sale so if you have a Belk nearby it may be worth braving the crowds. This year, their five piece New Directions sets are only $39.99.}

The one other thing our girl has mentioned multiple times is (50) Spotify Premium. At $9.99 a month, it would end up being more than $50 for the year but if you have a music lover like we do, that $10 a month may well be worth it.

And there you have it … 50 gift ideas for teenage girls for $50 or less.

Now tell me, what have I forgotten???


Teri Lynne

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  1. Awesome ideas! My teens always give me their list. Matter of fact, today my 15yo daughter shopped with me and picked out most of her things. But I still manage to throw a surprise or two into the mix.

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