On the Hard Days

Yesterday one of our very best friends from Georgia passed away unexpectedly. Last night I hugged one of my dear friends whose daughter is leaving today for college and whose husband is battling cancer. The precious young lady who used to cut my hair will bury her mom today. When I wrote Tuesday's post about knowing God holds it all together, I had no idea what the rest of this week would bring. I had no idea I'd be overwhelmed by grief and aching for those who are facing the darkest kind of ... [Read More]

A Letter to the Ones Who Will Skip Church on Mother’s Day

You're already dreading it. It feels like too much to ask. I get it. I've been there. All I could think about from May 1st was my desire to skip church on Mother's Day. For several years the second Sunday in May was the hardest day of the year for me. More than once, I didn't want to go to church. More than once, I wouldn't have if my husband wasn't in ministry. I want you to know something—it's okay to stay home and mourn the child you are missing. Maybe you've longed to hold a baby ... [Read More]