Holy Week Reading Plan

I don't know about you but with all the social distancing and disruption in all my normal routines, I'm struggling to remember what day of the week it is most of the time. But, one of the best things about all this lack of places to go has been time to do things I've wanted to do for the past several years. (Don't get me wrong, our basement still isn't cleaned up and I have lots of work to do in the yard to get it ready for spring, I'm not Wonder Woman. haha!) I have, however, wanted to ... [Read More]

The Women of Holy Week—the Widow who Gave All

Holy Week wasn't a part of my Southern Baptist tradition growing up.  In fact, I'm not sure I ever heard the week between Palm Sunday and Easter described as such until I was an adult.  But, just as the practices and solemnity of Advent and Lent have drawn me in, I've discovered such depth in understanding the specific activities of Christ, the different people he encountered, the direct words he spoke, each day of that final week. Yesterday, as I was slowly reading through Mark's account of ... [Read More]