{Top Ten} Books to Encourage a Weary Heart

It's no secret around here that I love my Kindle ... I mean, I really love my Kindle.   So much so that I have convinced several others to get Kindles just because I rave about mine so much. But ... I still love the feel of a book in my hand.   My whole life I've had a love affair with books.   There are photos of me as a toddler curled up in my crib holding the book I was "reading" before I fell asleep.   Similar photos have been snapped throughout my life.   It's not unusual for my husband ... [Read More]

{Top Ten} Free – or Nearly Free – Kindle Books

I love my Kindle ... I don't have any sort of iPad envy at all because all I want is my Kindle.  I take it with me EVERYWHERE.   So far this year, I've read over 25 books because my Kindle is so easy to pick up and use.   And of the 70 books on my Kindle ... I have paid more than $1.00 for about 10!   And, because my Kindle will convert PDF files, I am able to download eBooks from sites like scribd and issuu and move them from my computer into my Kindle.   {That's what I did with Brooke's ... [Read More]