What Is Biblical Meditation and Why Should I Do It?

When you hear the word "meditation" what do you think of? Sitting cross-legged, hands up, saying "oooohhhmm"? For so many of us, the idea of meditating has a weird connotation, particularly if you grew up, as I did, in a conservative, evangelical culture. Here's the thing, though, the Bible speaks of meditation — and it speaks of it often. So maybe we need to reevaluate our understanding and figure out what biblical meditation is and why it's important for us to practice it as ... [Read More]

A Peek at My Journaling Bibles

Can I preface this whole post with the fact that I know there are countless people in Instagram-land who are far more artistic and creative than I am? And that some days all the beautiful pages in their journaling Bibles  just flat out intimidate me to the point I don't share my own? Also, I don't share a lot of my pictures because I don't really know how to reply when I've written about what God is showing me and people compliment my handwriting.  But I've been wanting to tell you more ... [Read More]