Why Does Easter Matter?

Why does Easter matter? Does it? Really? If it does, how has it changed us ... not just Sunday when we gathered together in our best or brightest (or in our t-shirts depending on your preference), but how does the resurrection of Jesus Christ affect us now ... on Tuesday. After the candy high from the Cadbury Mini Eggs has fallen, after the fake grass from the Easter baskets has been vacuumed, after the last of the Easter ham has been made into a sandwich What now? Why does Easter ... [Read More]

What Happens Next: One Mom’s Response to the Brock Turner Verdict

"You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me, and that’s why we’re here today." With paragraph after paragraph detailing the unthinkable facts and unimaginable feelings of a young woman, the victim in the Brock Turner sexual assault case spoke with poignancy and strength to the man who violated her. Her words have resonated in the hearts of countless people outraged by the despicable verdict in this horrific case. Her experience has become a graphic illustration of the rape culture in which we ... [Read More]