Laundry and Dishes and Cleaning, Oh My! The Making and Managing of a Home

Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed by the state of your home? 

You’re not alone. {And yes, that is a picture of my kitchen sink.  I’m all about real here.}

Women also tend to stress about smaller things like being on time to fix dinner, cleaning the house, arranging a party, ensuring that they don’t forget anything on their holiday, or when they feel worried about a friend or family member among all the other major things they stress about like bills, work, children and the current state of the world.  Why Women are Generally More Stressed out than Men

This week, we’re going to spend some time considering both homemaking and home management.   As always, we’ll see what the Bible says and dig into some the motivations and attitudes that affect us in these areas.  And, of course, I’ll share some ideas and suggestions for creating the home you want.

Today, though, I want you to think about your home and the way it runs, its general tone, and what you really deep inside want your home to be.  Take some time to write out your ideas, dreams, and intentions.  Create a description of your home at its finest.

I found this story a few years ago in one of my many home organization books.  I think it gives great insight into the way I’ll be approaching the topics of home management and homemaking.

Once upon a time there was a woman who went shopping for a new blanket.  The shopkeeper showed her the very finest blanket in his shop.  “Oh, it’s beautiful.  It’s just what I wanted,” said the woman.  But her excitement turned to disappointment when she saw that the blanket measured 8′ x 8′.  “I’m afraid it’s just too big for my double bed,” she wailed.

“On the contrary,” said the shopkeeper.  “You need a blanket this large.  You see, it’s the extra yardage – the part of the blanket that hangs over the edge – that really keeps you warm.”

And so it is with our homes.  That extra margin of order and organization gives us the “warmth” of security and peace of mind. (p.210)

Confessions of an Organized Homemaker by Deniece Schofield

My prayer is that this week you’ll begin looking at your home differently.  

Join me?


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