Rushing To and Fro

too busy

Remember when I wrote about the need to slow?   Yeah, me too.  I only thought I was crazy busy this past summer with moving (twice) and getting settled into a new community.

The past two weeks … i.n.s.a.n.e.

Most of the madness is short term.   But, the truth is, almost all of it could have been eliminated if I’d been practicing what I preach. {ouch!}

I have a knack for concepts.  I create clever phrases like “lopsided living” and talk about them.  I can share lists and ideas and root it all in biblical truth.  And when I do all of that, I really mean it.  My heart and my mind know that wisdom grounded in the Word of God is the best kind.

  • I know that when we add anything it affects everything.
  • I know that there are seasons of life when chaos rules.
  • I know that good planning makes life’s interruptions have less detrimental impact.
  • I know I need enough rest.
  • I know that identifying my MITs every. single. day. helps me stay on track.

But somehow, even though I’d been teaching and writing about time management and keeping first things first … my life has spun out of control.

Here I sit, Monday afternoon, typing up a confession of sorts.  I’ve got a temporary job and it has rocked my world!  It’s been a long time (like more than 12 years!) since I’ve worked 8 to 5.

The truth is that my house doesn’t really look any worse than it did when I was at home full time.  The laundry really isn’t any further behind than normal.

My husband is amazing!  He’s cooked and cleaned and kept the girls busy doing chores.

But somehow I still feel guilty.  Like I’m failing … and it makes me realize how easy it is for us to see what we are not doing as wives and moms and homemakers.  In fact, it’s almost like we have blinders and can ONLY see our failures.

So after a bit of a pity party today at lunch, I’m making a choice.  The next few weeks are just going to be crazy.  I’ll be working until March 13.   I’m headed to Blissdom next week.  I’m teaching Sunday School and planning a birthday party for my girl and trying to make sure we all have clean towels and underthings.

The rest of it … well, it’s just gonna have to wait.  One month from today this job ends.   And, the truth is, it will all be there then.

Are you in a season of rushing?   Don’t allow the enemy to convince you that you are failing!!  Do what you can, when you can.   Ask for help … accept help!!

To borrow one of my favorite clichés, “The most important things are not things.”

Hug your kids.

Kiss your husband.

Pet the dog.

Eat some chocolate.

Enjoy a movie.

Laugh at your neuroses.

Go to bed.

Life will keep moving … but you can choose how you’ll handle it!  For me, right now, I’m giving myself grace {and even allowing myself a little bit of humor about what needs to be done}.

Do you ever have to give yourself a break, remind yourself that you can’t do it all?  How do you intentionally let go of the irrational expectations?

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  1. I let go of the “irrational expectations” by keeping the first things first. People are more important than the tasks in my life. Choosing to be with my kids and my husband are far more important than folding the clothes and making my life more organized. Prior to having children, I was pretty OCD. Thankfully, I am learning daily to let things go. Having a 5 week old gives me proper perspective!!


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