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My desire to write this series was born from watching moms who are younger than I am straining and stressing to do and achieve and promote and make themselves known.  They make me tired.   I hurt for them.  I want to encourage these sweet souls to slow down, to let go of the expectations and the plan sometimes.  I want to tell them that it’s okay NOT to know how to pray or even what’s for lunch.

I’m very average.  I have a unique gifting and calling and I long to live in those … but I am nothing exceptional.  I often say, “I’m just a girl.”  And somehow, knowing that, accepting that has freed me from all most of the stress of competing and perfection.

I believe one of the greatest gifts we give our children is to show them a contented life.

These letters to myself are reminders for all mothers of some simple, but oh so hard!, truths.

Your Gift is Your Story:  When we share our hearts, when we open up with the fears and the failures, when we celebrate the success, we find ourselves coming alongside one another in a powerful way.   So tell your stories!!

Sometimes It’s Scary:  “Being a mom is a huge job and it ought to scare you, at least a little bit.   You are after all the molder of dreams and shaper of hearts.   God knew – and knows – that sometimes you are going to mess it all up.  He knew – and knows – you have no idea what you are doing.  Your fears are real and He understands them.  He isn’t asking you to ignore your fears … He’s asking you to trust Him with them.”

Be Brave:  Just like motherhood is scary, it’s also an ongoing invitation to do brave things.  We have to learn to take the next brave step and follow the Lord’s movement in our lives.  Our children are watching us … and they need, they deserve, to see our brave obedience.

You are Enough:  Oh how we feel inadequate!  Oh how we ARE inadequate!  But you, sweet mom, are enough.  You have been chosen – handpicked – by God to be the mother of your child.  Rest in that.  You.  Are.  Enough.

You Can Change Your Mind:  Remember when you knew everything about how to be a perfect parent? Yeah, me too.  It was before I was one.  Since then, I’ve learned that one of the wisest things I do as a mom is change my mind.  Acknowledge that what I thought I knew, what I thought was best, just might not be the best.  It’s okay to switch the plans!

Treasure Each Day:  Perhaps this one thing is the hardest … capture the moments and embed them in your heart.  In the midst of the crazy, slow your mind to etch the minutes into your heart.

You are Not a Quitter:  The best lesson my mom ever taught me – Don’t Quit!  Even when we want to scream, “Calgon, take me away,” we stay.  We breathe deep and count to ten and remember that we are not alone.  And we never, ever quit.

For the Years Ahead:   When the struggles come between you and your child, and they WILL come, remember this:  You are not a bad mom and she (he) is not a bad child.   “Don’t battle the process of (her) growing up … it will only leave you both tired and frustrated.”


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  1. I do LOVE this series!! Watching other moms exhausts me too. People say that about me, but they don’t seem to realize how intentionally slow my pace is, how much I say no to or let go.
    MainlineMom aka Sarah recently posted…Happy Mother’s Day To My MomMy Profile

    • Sarah, people often tell me they don’t know how I do it all. And I say no a. lot. But I’m learning to emphasize the slow part of my life when I share with others, especially on FB where the mommy frenzy seems to reach epic proportions at times!! Cannot wait to see you in June!!


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