An Invitation for Christmas Slowing

CH Merry Christmas FB cover

It’s frantic and it’s push and shove
To get it done in time
The only chance for standing still
Is in the check-out line.

“Chargin’ into the Holidays” from the musical, One Quiet Night

Here we are, Christmas Eve … and perhaps you are making your last minute dash to buy and bake.  If so, you’re probably not alone.   If my Facebook feed is any indication, today will be filled with rushing to finish everything on the ever-present list.  I have a few items left on my list as well.

May I invite you to join me in slowing … maybe even letting a few things go?  One of my favorite Christmas “tips” is to keep your eyes on the goal.  Focus on the people that matter, not the things that don’t!   Treasure the moments … use Mary, the mother of Christ, as your example.

If you’ve been reading When God Draws Near: the story of redemption, you might have read this prayer today, a prayer for slowing.

Prayer for Christmas Slowing

If you haven’t downloaded your free copy of these devotions, I do hope you will … accept this as a Christmas gift from me to you.   The story of redemption is woven into all of Scripture from Genesis through Revelation and these devotions invite you to join me in exploring the beauty of God with us in a whole new way.

I’m thankful for this little space God has given me.  I do pray it is a blessing to you.  You, dear ones, are truly gifts in my life!  Every comment, every email, every Facebook comment or share, every Twitter mention, every post you’ve pinned … I am humbled and deeply grateful for each one.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

p.s. that first photo is my beautiful girl!  can’t believe she’s almost 13!

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