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A friend once called me an idea slinger.  I like that.  I love to play with what could be . . . to imagine all the possibilities . . .  to explore new opportunities.

I love ideas and dreams.

Unfortunately, I far too often find myself stymied by fear and doubt and never push through the idea slinging into the actual idea living.

Dreams and Courage

Enter my friend Holley.  {Do you know her?  She’s the best kind of friend—encouraging, genuine, and a great question asker.}  She sweetly invited me to be a part of her God-Size Dream Team.   And I  resolved, THIS year the dreams move from idea to reality.

I’ve been doing assignments and following the daily tasks in her ebook, “Do What You Can” Plan: 21 Days to Making Any Area of Your Life Better.  It’s been great . . . except for one thing:  I am not really sure what my God-size dream is.  I have so many ideas and dreams rolling in my head.

I find myself listening harder during my quiet times.  I’ve been treasuring up time in His Word the past few weeks and finding great comfort in the ways He has always made Himself known to people from the burning bush for Moses to His gentle voice simply saying, “Mary,” in the garden.

Maybe you struggle to know what exactly it is that God is calling you to do.  Or perhaps  you’re like me and have all kinds of dreams but just aren’t sure which one God is leading you to pursue during this season.  Why don’t you join Holley and the whole God-Size Dream Team for the next few months as we learn to listen and to chase the dream God has placed inside us?  We’d love to have you!

And I’d be especially appreciative if you’d be praying for me over the next few days as I seek clarity between a few of the dreams I have to find the one God is calling me to move into during this time of my life.

So, tell me, what is your God-Size Dream?  The one He has placed deep within your heart?

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God Sized Dreams

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  1. I had all my goals for this year written down and ready to go when Holly gave us this challenge. Now I feel like I am to wait, listen like you are to hear how God wants me to stretch ( my word in 2013) them and make them His size, not my convenient easy to handle size. This will be an interesting adventure, won’t it?

  2. I truly believe in dreams and the god size dreams. I believe god is stretching me to become more and to have his glory shine thru me. He is so azaming and beyond more then I can conference.
    I just know that god really loves so much. He always have the very best for me.


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