Dear Weary Mom, You Are Known!

dear weary mom he knows your name

Dear Weary Mom,

Sometimes it feels like if I wore a name tag it would simply say, “C’s mom.”  I shuttle her from dance practices to cheerleading meetings.  I write checks for youth camp and buy her favorite snacks.  Her friends are not even sure about my name, reminiscent of the time on the playground in preschool when the one of my girl’s friends said, “Um, Miss C’s mom, could you push me on the swing?”

That day, on the playground, it was cute.  I felt like I’d gotten my first merit badge as a mom.  Losing my name seemed like a rite of passage and I was thrilled.

Now, ten years later, it doesn’t feel so cute.  In fact, some days I wonder if anyone sees me as anything but the check-writing, form-signing, car-driving, laundry-doing, missing-sock-finding, favorite-food-making, room-needs-cleaning-reminding person formerly known as Teri Lynne.

Do you ever feel like that?  Like you are unknown, unnoticed unless someone needs something?  Like everyone has forgotten your name isn’t “Mom”?

God hasn’t forgotten your name.  He knows just who you are!

But now, O Jacob, listen to the Lord who created you. O Israel, the one who formed you says, “Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1 NLT, emphasis added

Today, when the baby cries or the preschooler says, “Momma, look” for what seems like the hundredth time in an hour … He knows your name.

Today, when your son asks, “But why, Mom?” and you want to scream, “Because I said so!” … He knows your name.

Today, when your daughter rolls her eyes and says, “Moooommmm” in that way only hormonal teenage girls can do … He knows your name.

Today, when are you so tired you can’t remember the kids’ names much less your own … He knows your name.

You are going to make it!  God sees you and He knows you!

So, go ahead and hide in the bathroom eating the crumbs from the Oreo container. {What? Other moms don’t do that?}  Then step out and hug those babies, no matter how big they are and how much they act like they don’t want you to do it.  Whisper their names into their ears and remind them God is with them.  Then whisper that same reminder to yourself.

With love,

Teri Lynne

Dear Weary Mom

Linking up with Team Hope and other moms who are determined to encourage one another and remember HOPE is the answer to our weariness.

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  1. II am sure there are a few million moms out there who need exactly what you are writing. I still remember the S’s mom, R’s, mom, C’s mom days. And don’t forget J’s wife. Now, i am D’s, M’s, N’s, A’s, E’s, D’s, M’s, N’s, J’s, PT’s, and ?’s grandma. Yep! I’m happy to be wearing that badge. And Oreos or chocolate in some form is still imperative.

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