When Life Isn’t What You Dreamed … But It’s All You Ever Wanted

I’ve chased a million things

Bright lights and empty dreams

Now here I am

Right where I thought I wanted to be

I’ll trade it all right now

Leave it all and lay it down

To get back to where I belong

Lord, all I’ve ever needed was Your love

“All I’ve Ever Needed” from the Grace Unplugged soundtrack


Have you ever longed for a bigger life than the one you have?  Wished for all your dreams to come true? I suppose at some point we all have.  That grass always looks greener someplace else, doesn’t it?

I remember being a teenager growing up in a minister’s house.  I always thought if I could just get out of there I’d be something amazing.  I wanted to be an attorney or a political strategist … I longed to do something HUGE.

And here I am, almost 42, married to a minister and raising a 13-year-old daughter who longs to be amazing as well. I plan menus and buy groceries, taxi the girl to and fro, sing the church choir and teach a ladies Bible study. The people in my life are incredible and every day I get to write and encourage. Somehow it’s nothing I expected and yet everything I wanted all at once.

Grace Unplugged || www.TeriLynneUnderwood.com

I suppose that’s why stories like the one from the movie Grace Unplugged appeal to me … I understand 18-year-0ld Grace’s desire to make it big, to get away from everything familiar and do something new.  I had the opportunity to read the novelization of the book and loved it.  For my birthday next week we’re going to see the movie.

I love AJ Michalka’s voice and I should admit at this point I’ve been listening to track 1, “All I’ve Ever needed,” a lot the past few days.  This CD has music from Chris Tomlin, Tobymac, Luminate, and several other artists.  It’s a great worship CD.

Here’s  the official trailer for Grace Unplugged which features “All I’ve Ever Needed” … and you can get more information about the movie and where it will be shown on the Grace Unplugged website.

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  1. One of my favorite songs right now is “If I didn’t have you” by Thompson Square. It is such a great song and could be applied so many different ways. But my all time favorite is “Everything” by Avalon.

  2. That looks like such a good movie, it was a great song! Right now my favorite song is by a group that I think is new-Love and the Outcome, “He is With Us” love love love. I could listen to it over and over.

  3. Love this, friend. And the song I could listen to all day? Aaron Shust’s “My Hope is in Your Lord.” It makes me want to spin around in the kitchen with my arms out … and I have 😉 Maybe I will today!

  4. There’s another song on this CD that I love. It’s Desert Song. This part just stuck out to me:
    All of my life
    In every season
    You are still God
    I have a reason to sing
    I have a reason to worship

  5. In Jesus Name by Darlene Zschech’s Revealing Jesus Live CD project —

    God is fighting for us,
    God is on our side
    He has overcome,
    Yes He has overcome
    We will not be shaken,
    We will not be moved
    Jesus You are here

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