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Earlier this year I invested in a branding consultation with Stephanie Bryant.  She asked me some amazing questions and really helped me sort out what my passions are and what I find the most rewarding.  At the end of our talk, Stephanie summarized my desire as this: offering women permission to live well.

When she said that phrase — permission to live well — I knew that was it! That’s my brand, y’all.  I want to share with women it’s okay not to do everything … it’s okay to take that nap when you’re exhausted … it’s okay to drive through McDonald’s sometimes … it’s okay if you barely squeeze in time to read a verse of Proverbs while you’re nursing your newborn … it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and inadequate … it’s okay to realize you need help … and it’s okay to ask for and accept the help others offer.

Over the years, both online and off, I’ve had the opportunity to mentor and encourage countless women in all different seasons of life.  I’ve shared stories of my own failures and a few successes.  I’ve gotten real about what a good quiet time looks like and how sometimes parenting leaves me totally empty.  I’ve listened to young moms who feel like they’re missing out on opportunities and been able to tell them that time they spend with their babies is the biggest Kingdom opportunity they’ll ever have.  I’ve chatted with women whose kids are grown and feel like they’ve missed their chance and technology has left them behind … and I remind them it’s okay not to know how to do it all online.

So I got to thinking, what if we spent October, all 31 days, talking about living well?  And then I started outlining some ideas about what that might look like … exploring something better than balance, discussing the keys to living well, looking at the encouraging words of others about living well, meditating on Scriptures to help us keep our focus, and incorporating action steps along the way.

Whatcha think? Wanna join me for 31 days of living well? We’ll start next Tuesday, October 1.  I can’t wait! Be sure to subscribe by email so you don’t miss a single post!

31 Days of Living Well || TeriLynneUnderwood.com

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  1. Yeah! I love when God brings beautiful clarity to our lives.

    This will be a great month girl! I’ll be following along!


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