{Sunday Scripture} John 10:10

What if we memorized a few verses this month? Verses that could help us remember what matters and what doesn’t?  Verses that encourage us to live well?

Embedding Scripture in our hearts is one of the best tools for removing the guilt, comparison, and discontent that far too often take up residence. Like this one from John 10:10 …

John 10:10 || Sunday Scriptures || TeriLynneUnderwood.com

Will you choose the abundant life this week? Let’s live well, shall we?

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  1. Just found this post today, but love that this is the verse you featured. Our message at church on Sunday centered around this verse as well. It struck a chord on Sunday and has lingered this week and then seeing this today was a boost! Love how God does that! Looking forward to exploring the rest of the series.

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