10 Gifts for Teenage Girls under $25

While I may not be an expert on teenage boys, I do have some experience with teenage girls … you know, what with being one once and now having one in my home.  So, as promised, here is a list of 10 gifts for teenage girls {under $25!}.

[For the sake of my daughter who might think this list is a hint of what’s under the tree, I should say these suggestions may or may not have been purchased this year but they are based on the oohs and ahhs observed while shopping as well as hours spent culling through Pinterest boards created by teenage girls I may or may not know in real life.]

10 gifts for teeenage girls under $25 || TeriLynneUnderwood.com

As with the teenage boy gift ideas, these are all fairly generic and most can be adapted to fit the taste, style, and interests of the girls on your list.

  • Boot socks. Seriously. If your girl wears boots, she likely wants a pair {or ten} of boot socks. Here are some adorable ones from Buckle.com and I also adore these I found on Etsy.
  • Cute tee. I absolutely adore the tee shirts from Freeset.  And, as with all Freeset products, when you purchase a shirt, you are helping rescue women from human trafficking in India. My girl has an affection for graphic tees.
  • Journal. We love journals around here. Dayspring has some beautiful ones. Check out the Joy for Everyday journal, It is so cute!

Joy for Every Day - Christian Journal

  • Blankets, throws, and pillows. Another easy to adapt gift to fit the personality of whatever girl is on your list.
  • Footie pajamas. While I would sweat to death in these, all the girls in our world love them.

So, there you have it … a few ideas for the girls on your list.  And, of course, gift cards are also a great choice for teenage girls who love to shop! 

What would you add to this list?

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