14 Things I Want My 14-Year-Old Daughter to Know {Part 2}

I suppose I’ve been in a bit of a reflective mood lately. Something about having a child old enough to start high school in August has made me that way. 🙂

14 Things I want my daughter to know || Teri Lynne Underwood

As I’ve considered what kind of person I pray my girl will become, what kind of person she already is, I realized there are still lessons I want to teach her. I was reminded my work as a mom is no where near done! So I started making a list of what I wanted her to know, 14 things I want my 14-year-old daughter to know.  I shared the first part of the list already {check it out if you missed it}.

Here are the final seven things I want my daughter to know — important truths I pray are embedded in her heart and become guideposts for how she lives her life.

You will never regret being kind.

You’ll do lots of things you regret … but being kind isn’t one of them. Take every opportunity you can to extend courtesy, to give grace, and to help others. {Micah 6:8}

You can’t have it all.

The world wants you to believe you can. But it’s a lie. You can’t have it all. And the truth is, you wouldn’t want it if you could. Live in the abundance God offers and be willing to choose best over good. {John 10:10}

Laugh every day.

I know, right now you can’t imagine not laughing every day. But there will come a point when you have to choose joy, choose to see the beauty around you. Life won’t always be fun and situations won’t always be funny. But if you can learn to see through the eyes of joy, you will be much more content. {Philippians 4:4}

Be a good listener.

This one goes back to the think before you speak thing. After all, if you’re always talking it’s really hard to listen. Listen long … listen close.  And learn to listen to what people don’t say … because sometimes that is the most important thing of all.

It’s okay to be alone sometimes.

It can be scary to be by yourself. I know you’re an only child and you probably feel like you’ve spent a lot of your life by yourself. But there will be times when you feel alone in the crowd.  Days when you are standing by yourself. Moments when you feel totally isolated. Don’t run from that! We need that solitude. And when those moments come, embrace them as times to draw close to God. {Psalm 46:10}

Take a nap when you need one.

You’re like me — high energy. You like to go and do. I’m proud of the way you already sense when you need to slow down. The way you curl up and watch a movie when you’ve had a busy week. Don’t let go of that. Make taking care of yourself physically a priority. {Exodus 20:8}

Love others well, even when it’s hard.

Oh girlfriend! Sometimes it will be hard. You’ve already learned that. In fact, just recently you’ve faced some tough situations where you’ve had to choose to love others when you didn’t really want to. I’m proud of you for that. Keep on loving others, even the unloveable ones. {Luke 10:27}

Since many of you have daughters {and granddaughters and nieces and cousins and sisters and girls you know and love}, I thought I’d share this list … and maybe you can invest in sharing these truths with those precious young ladies in your life also. Imagine a generation of women who believe these fourteen things are true and live their lives guided by them.  I also made a printable to give my girl and you are welcome to give it to a girl in your life as well.

14 Things I Want My 14 Year Old Daughter to Know || Teri Lynne Underwood

 14 Things I Want My 14-Year-Old Daughter to Know

 What is one of the best lessons your mom taught you?

Cheering you on,

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  1. “Listen long … listen close. And learn to listen to what people don’t say … because sometimes that is the most important thing of all.”

    I love this because in the world of crazy schedules and distracted days, it gives us the permission to slow down and really connect.

    My mama taught me the value of sacrifice. And it wasn’t until years later that I am really seeing all that she did without complaining and with so much love. She is a wonderful example of a loving mother who shows the love of Jesus to me and all she comes into contact with! AND she taught me that having lunch with a friend is not an indulgence…it is needed for the soul…sometimes yours and sometimes theirs!

    Wonderful post, My Friend! XO

  2. I am so glad this post came up to know that though i love my daughter these are thinngs i know we discuss right now and as she go into the end of her tween years through teenagers adn even adult hood these truths stand from me to her. Daily all of last two years when she ws 9 i talked truth and prayed for her at times idid not know how yet god undertood. i am SKG mom with dannah gresh : secret keepergirl and i am a sisiterin chirst we may not know each othre personal yet we are known by god and i wasnt to thank you for your callin got minister and pray along sid efor our daughters

    In christ
    GLenda Comma- Quail


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