Simple Bible Study for Busy Women

Last week I was talking to my friend Britta. We were dreaming about some big ideas God has placed inside our hearts and brainstorming together some of the ways we could partner to see those ideas turn into realities. One of the passions we share is encouraging women to interact with Scripture and to help them see how the Word of God intersects with daily life.

It’s no secret around here how deeply passionate I am about the value of daily time in the Word … but I’m equally desperate to assure women it doesn’t look the same for all of us.

are you busy and looking for a simple bible study method?
Today, I thought I’d share a couple of tools for simple Bible study for busy women. Let’s face it, we may all long for an uninterrupted hour {or more} to dig deep and ponder what we’re reading in our Bibles, but our reality is something entirely different.

She Reads Truth

Y’all, I’m a HUGE fan of this incredible group of women who are connecting with the Word every single day. I’ve been using the SRT plans for over a year now and have been greatly encouraged and challenged by every one of them.  Sometimes I use the app but most of the time I simply go to the website. The Women in the Word study this summer has been excellent. And I am looking forward to the next plan, “This Is the Gospel,” which begins August 3rd.  {And this plan will be FREE for the app. Most plans do cost a little bit … but not more than $5 typically which is still a great price.} SRT also offers printed guides for every plan though I have never purchased one as I always use my own journal.

Here’s what I love about the SRT plans:

Solid Bible teaching || As a Word girl myself, I am most appreciative of the depth of teaching in the SRT plans. While each day’s reading is not long, there is attention to the detail and priority of the Word of God in every single devotion.

Weekly memory verses || I believe Scripture memory is vital to the ongoing growth and development of disciples. Time and again, I have experienced my greatest growth as a believer when I am faithfully memorizing the Word of God.

Grace days || We busy women need these, right? I love that each longer plan includes built in grace days.  But also I appreciate the way the SRT leaders allow a space in between plans to give us time to catch up.

Beautiful resources || While I have never purchased the printed journals or study packs, they are gorgeous! However, I love love love the daily images provided by SRT which allow me to share what I’m learning and to encourage others with the truth of God’s Word.

Community || I learn so much from the comments on each day’s readings. It is like sitting in a great Bible study class with fabulous discussion.

First 5

Just last week, a new resource was unveiled by the amazing women of Proverbs 31 Ministries. In fact, today is the very first day of the very first plan at First 5.  Here’s what they say about this new app:


We say we put God first … So wouldn’t it make sense that we give Him the first 5 minutes of each day?

Proverbs 31 Ministries is bringing this God-given vision to life by developing a new mobile device app called FIRST 5. This app will be designed to open first thing each day (before social media or emails can distract you) with a short teaching in God’s Word.

I’m excited about First 5 because I love the idea of having an alarm that wakes me and IMMEDIATELY pushes me into the Word.  The inaugural reading plan is the Gospel of John.  This app is designed to take you through the whole Bible.  It will be a slow and steady process of unpacking one verse per chapter each day.

Things I love about First 5:

Expository study || Rather than topical studies, First 5 will take us straight through the Word and provide women with a powerful view of the WHOLE of Scripture.  As many of you know, I’ve been teaching through the Bible in my church for over three years now.  We are working our way through the synoptic gospels right now (Matthew, Mark, and Luke).  It took us 2-1/2 years to finish the Old Testament.  I am a firm believer in the importance of studying God’s Word as a primary source rather than secondary.  Far too many of the “Bible studies” used in many churches are not truly Bible-driven.  I love that the Proverbs 31 team has made the Bible the true center for the First 5 studies.

Easy-to-use || Seriously, this app is so simple! The alarm goes off on your phone and you swipe to get to the app.

Lovely, shareable images || Again, the First 5 plan has beautiful images to allow us to share what we’re reading and learning and encourage others.

Community || Since this app is new, the community isn’t as strong as the SRT community. But I have no doubt it will be. Each day readers are encouraged to comment on the reading and I absolutely believe this will be as valuable as the comments at SRT are.

Time and Cost || Designed to take five minutes, First 5 is perfect for a busy woman.  And it’s free … yep! Free!

I will continue to use SRT for my morning quiet time.  I’m experimenting to discover the best way to incorporate First 5 into my day. Right now I’ve set my alarm in the app for to wake me so I can spend time in the Word before I do anything else.  However, I have also considered using First 5 mid-afternoon to provide me a specific time to stop and refocus my day. For those who struggle to maintain a consistent morning time in the Word, I think First 5 is a great tool to help you in that area.

Need something simple to help you keep on track with your daily Bible study? Here are 2 great tools {especially for busy women!}.

So, there you have it … two tools for I recommend for simple Bible study!


Teri Lynne

What are you currently using for your Bible study/quiet time?

 I love Dayspring journals! They are always well made and beautiful!

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  1. I love that you summarized these two so well! I just got the SRT app and was looking at the First 5 but was thinking of it as an either/or. I see now that there is no reason for me not to use both. 🙂 Love it! And one of these days…maybe WE will have an app too! I know an app developer… 😉

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