Overwhelmed by Love?

This is when it’s easy … the whole courteously reverent thing.
When he’s in a tux looking at you as though you are the only beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

When “till death do us part” is poetry echoing in your soul.

When you feel as though your heart might explode from the great joy that is crashing over you … wave after wave of wonder and gratitude.

Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. (Ephesians 5:22 NIV)

Courtesy comes so easy on the honeymoon … in fact, for many of us, we weren’t even aware of the selflessness.  He was our first thought, our first priority … and putting aside self to yield to him was willing, joyful even.

Somehow, though, over the days and weeks, as the months become years, that willingness finds itself swallowed up.  One day, someone asks the question, “What if?”

And we begin to wonder … to inspect … to confess.

“What if?” changes things, doesn’t it? Simple words that open our eyes to a new prayer … or an old prayer worth revisiting.

Father, today, this day, give me grace to submit, give me desire to help.  Today, this day, let me see him anew … crashed over again by that joy, filled with waves of wonder and gratitude.  Today, this day, overwhelm me with love for my husband.  Amen

When was the last time you were overwhelmed with love for your husband?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this today! It has been a while… Praying for God to instill that overwhelming love for him.

  2. Quite honestly, life, PTSD, kids (and related drama), finances, etc. seem to overwhelm me much more than a love for my husband. I needed this post today! Love the way the Lord uses you to fill in those gaps for me! 🙂

  3. Mandy, your marriage is such a blessing to me! I ponder your story time and again … and so I am praying today that life will give way to wonder, just for a moment – and in that you'll be reminded. ((hugs)) my friend.

  4. The simple answer is last night. He man-handled a dead/leaking dishwasher out of my kitchen and into the back yard… not a sentence one says often. We've had a lot of outside stress pushing on us lately. And God has used it to draw us closer together. It's only God. So often its easy, when things get messy, to fight against each other. But God has been reminding us that we really are on the same team. It doesn't make the stress any less, but it helps to feel like your not in it alone. Anyway he's my hero and I can't imagine going through this craziness with anyone else.

  5. Yesterday. He listened. For a really long time. He understood. He was there for me. Like no one else. One of those "waves" moments. 🙂

  6. Every day in many ways, I am overwhelmed with love for this man God sent my way. Is he perfect? Of course not. Is he perfect for me? Absolutely. Not a day goes by that he doesn't say that he loves me, that he thinks I'm beautiful and most importantly…says, 'God Bless my Mollianne.' How could I be anything but overwhelmed by love for this most amazing man? I've lived with different and I never forget what it is like to be in a bad marriage. That contrast makes a lot of difference for me.

  7. I don't speak of it often as to not make others feel bad. It is sometimes hard to speak highly of your own marriage without sounding braggish, so I usually don't say a word.

    Today, because of your topic, I will share that my husband and I feel incredibly blessed to be just as in love today as we were the first day of our marriage, maybe even more so. We marvel every day that we have so much together. We work at protecting it and nurturing each other. It is so worthy of our time and concentration.


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