A MOD Squad Mom reviews a MOB Society Book!

A woman of prayer.  Powerful, effective, fervent prayer.  A righteous woman, grounded in the Word of God … generating a legacy and heritage of faithfulness not to church or religion but to the Word-Made-Flesh.

That’s my desire.   My heart’s deepest longing … to know Him, to know His Word, and to live in Him, abide in Him.

And with that desire, comes a hunger for knowledge, for inspiration, for encouragement, for challenge … from others who have trod the path or are currently near me on this winding road.    My bookshelves are filled with tomes on spiritual disciplines, prayer, study, parenting, marriage.   Many of these books are dog-earred, ink-marked, and margin-scribbled with notes and prayers and verses and questions.   All have helped me grow … all have pointed me back to The Word.

Last week I added a new volume to this ever-growing collection … not ink on paper but word on screen.   My sweet friend Brooke send me a preview copy of her eBook, asking me to test out moving the PDF to my Kindle.  I gladly complied.

And after sending Brooke the picture of success, I began reading … and highlighting … and praying.   I know she intends this book to be read slowly, perhaps with a group over 21 days, and I will savor these words as well.   But, that first reading captured me, captured my heart.

Yes, it’s written for moms of boys … No, I’m not one.

But one day, if the Lord sees fit, I will have a son-in-law.   I’ve been praying for him since my girl was born.   I’ve prayed for his mother, his father, his home.

Now, I have a resource, though, a powerful guide to praying over this young man who will one day woo my daughter, wed my girl, cleave unto her. And it is a gift … a gift to me, the gift of direction and guidance.   A gift to my daughter, the gift of protection and provision.   A gift to him, the gift of love and faithful prayers.  A gift to his mother, the gift of encouragement … and one day, the gift of a printed out copy of this book, complete with dog-eared pages, ink-marred notes, and margin-scribbled notes and prayers and verses and thoughts.

A gift of legacy, of heritage … a gift of eternal value.  A gift of prayer. I love how Brooke explains the necessity of this gift … the urgent need for more than our attention, the need for a worn-out patch of carpet where our knees have ached with the pain of battle.

Contrary to popular belief the battle won’t be won by reading and implementing the best parenting techniques.  It won’t be won through late night talks, lectures on right and wrong, or even committing to a Bible-preaching church.   These things are all part of the equation, but they don’t trump the most important piece of the fight.

Prayer.  This battle is best fought on your knees. (10)

  • Perhaps you have a longing in your heart to pray more fervently for your son or your future son-in-law.
  • Perhaps you are a mother of a wayward son looking for a way to speak the Word into his life.
  • Perhaps you are a grandmother who sees the blessing she missed by not praying over her children but refuses to miss that blessing regarding her grandchildren.
  • Perhaps as you have read these words, you knew this book is something you need, even if you are not sure why.

I encourage you to get a copy of Warrior Prayers:  Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need It Most.   You can order your copy on Brooke’s website for $5.97 … it’s an inexpensive book of immeasurable value.  Click on the graphic below to order!

How are you intentionally laying a foundation of prayer for your children and their future spouses?

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  3. […] while back I shared about a book for moms of boys that had touched the heart of this girl momma.  Today, Brooke is inviting boy mommas to pray … and I’m encouraging girl mommas to […]

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