My Valentine

I write often about my husband and our marriage.   In fact, I had planned to just pick a post I’d shared previously and use it today … but there were so many and each one brought me great joy to read again … and reminded me again of the great blessing that is my husband.

I’m overwhelmed by my love for him … as we near our 15th wedding anniversary (yes, I was totally a child bride! LOL), I realize that first love, that flutter in my heart when he walked into the room, has grown deeper in ways I never imagined possible that day long ago when our written love story began.

Letters sent by two twenty-three year olds who had seen enough of life to know that a shared moment of silence is just as significant in building a relationship as hours spent in conversation. Cards filled with “I wish you were here” and “Can’t wait to see you” … and lots of anticipation for the day we’d finally become the mysterious two-in-one flesh.

And as we entered our thirties we faced a new challenge … a life-threatening blood  disorder and the uncertainty about Scott’s health and how we were to proceed.     But he was steady when I was shaky … and he pointed me to Him, always.

This year we’ll both turn forty.  In many ways we have grown up together … we’ve faced death and sickness, job concerns and infertility … and the growing up has result in growing closer.   Closer to each other and closer to the God who brought us together.

My husband has called me the only beautiful woman he’s ever seen and taught me lessons I never dreamed I’d need to learn.  He’s shown me what genuine faith looks like in real life … and he’s gently guided me and led me closer and closer to the God we serve.

I’m blessed … I’m loved … and I’m cherished.

Thank you, Scott, for being my valentine … every single day.  For the rest of our lives.

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